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How exactly to dry the seeds from your own garden to plant next spring

Expand your plant collection free of charge by saving seeds this season, storing them on the winter and sowing them next spring, says Clare Wilson

Humans 17 August 2022

By Clare Wilson

Phaseolus vulgaris 'Selma Zebra' - Climbing French bean - Dried beans saved for seed

GAP Photos/Chris Burrows

GROWING your personal plants using seeds saved from the prior year has many perks. It really is free, easy and you also know if these plant varieties grow well in your garden.

You may also branch out, when you have been coveting all of your neighbours flowers, by asking them should they could donate several flower heads after they have set seed. I’ve acquired some tall ornamental grasses by firmly taking several seeds from some striking specimens within my local park.

Be aware that some hybrid F1 types of fruit and veggies shouldnt have their seeds stored. These

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