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How exactly to Help Puerto Rico in the Aftermath of Hurricane Fiona

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Once more, Puerto Rico is facing down another catastrophic storm soon after the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria.

This time around, Hurricane Fiona has caused an electrical outage for millions over the island. The hurricane hit Puerto Rico this weekend as a Category 1 storm with sustained winds of 90 mph, per CNN, and continues to create a downpour of rain even while it creates its way through the Atlantic and in to the Dominican Republic. Around 22 inches of rain has fallen in the island, causing life-threatening floods, or more to 15 inches may still fall even while the hurricane moves away.

There’s currently one count of death, based on the NY Times, though it could still be prematurily . to know the entire scope of the damage.

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“In lots of areas that had never seen flooding, there’s been an unprecedented accumulation of water,” said Governor Pedro Pierluisi. “Actually, in lots of areas it had been higher than what we saw during Hurricane Maria.”

Below, we’ve listed various organizations and fundraisers which are focusing their efforts on recovery and aid for individuals of Puerto Rico.

Taller Salud

Taller Salud is really a feminist organization located in Puerto Rico. They’re currently accepting donations which will go towards purchasing much-needed supplies for all those in need, such as for example water filters, non-perishable foods, solar lanterns, toiletries, and much more.

Visit Their Website Here

Hispanic Federation

This San Juan-based nonprofit runs the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program, which looks to satisfy the requirements of families in Puerto Rico. Previously, they provided resources to local farmers and fishermen in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. In addition they coordinated donation drives from the U.S. to the island to be able to distribute an incredible number of pounds of food, water, along with other basic necessities to those suffering from the hurricane.

Visit Their Website Here


Launched by Puerto Rican business leaders area of the U.S. diaspora, this organization uses 100 percent of its donations to supply humanitarian aid centered on food and agriculture, clean water, and renewable energy initiatives. They’re now accepting donations for disaster aid.

Visit Their Website Here

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen works to supply food and meals right to those experiencing humanitarian or climate crises. On Twitter, the business announced they now have teams on the floor in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic “prepared to respond however were needed.”

Visit Their Website Here

This article is imported from twitter. You might be able to discover the same content in another format, or you might be in a position to find more info, at their site.

As Hurricane Fiona passes through the Caribbean, WCK has teams stationed both in Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic prepared to respond however were needed. Were preparing sandwiches now to possess to distribute when the storm passeswell share more updates soon.

World Central Kitchen (@WCKitchen) September 18, 2022

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