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How exactly to Install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablet.

Amazon Fire Tablets restrict one to the Amazon Appstore, but runs burning OS, a custom version ofAndroid. Which means, that you could install the Play Store and access an incredible number of Android apps and games, includingGoogle apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and much more.

The very best section of installing the Play Store on your own Fire Tablet is that it doesnt require any in-depth hacking likerootingor running scripts from the PC. Its only a matter of downloading and installing several APK files from the tablet itself, and youll be ready to go with the Play Store exactly like your regular Android phone or tablet! Lets begin.

Update, 8/5/22: Weve tested this technique once again and may confirm it works by August 2022. We tested it with Fire OS 8 on the most recentFire 7 2022 (12th Gen) tablet, too.

Warning: Take away the microSD card for those who have one inserted in the tablet. In the event that you dont do that, its possible you can lose data through the Play Store install process. It is possible to put it back were in the past done.

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Download the Play Store Files

Before we begin, ensure that your Fire Tablet is from 2014 or later. This technique may not use old Kindle Fire tablets as you will need make it possible for Apps From Unknown Sources.

First, open the Settings app from the house tab on the house screen.


Now head to Security & Privacy.

Now go to

Select Apps From Unknown Sources.


Find Silk Browser and toggle on Allow OUT OF THIS Source. This is exactly what allows us to set up an app from outside the Amazon app store.


With that taken care of, we are able to start downloading the Play Store files. You can find four APK files we shall have to get the Play Store ready to go, and theyre specific to your Fire Tablet.

To discover which Amazon Fire Tablet model you have, head to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet. Youll see your Device Model name here. To see your Fire OS version, head to Settings > Device Options > System Updates.

Fire Tablet model.

With these devices model at heart, we are able to download the correct files below. Simply copy and paste the links from the tables below in to the Silk Browser on your own Amazon Fire tablet. Were just downloading the files at this stage, dont open them yet.

Google Account Manager

Note: Disregard the message in regards to a newer version being available.

Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older) Google Account Manager v5.1
Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older)
Fire 7 (7th Gen and older)
Fire HD 6
Fire HDX 8.9

Google Services Framework

Google Play Services

Note: On the page for the model, choose the latest version of the APK (not Bundle) that’s not a beta.


Google Play Store

Note: Choose the latest version of the APK that’s not a beta. Be sure you are downloading an APK, not just a Bundle.


Install the Play Store

With all the current downloaded APK files to your Amazon Fire Tablet, we are able to begin installing them one at a time. Open the Files app from the house screen.

Open the

Select Downloads from the medial side menu and switch to the list view for the files. You need to start to see the four files we just downloaded.


Its vital that you install these APKs in a particular order. For every APK, follow this technique: Tap the file > select Continue > tap the Install button. After it installs, tap Done. Dont open the Play Store yet.

Install the files in this order (the file names on your own device will undoubtedly be longer):


With all the current APKs installed, its time and energy to reboot the tablet. Hold down the energy button and choose Restart.

Hold down the power button and tap

Following the tablet restarts, youll start to see the Play Store on the house screen. Open it and register together with your Google account.

Open the Play Store and sign in.

Once youre signed in, youll have an operating Google Play Store, exactly like on any Android device. Go forth and download YouTube, Gmail, and any app you cant find in the Amazon Appstore.

Google Play Store.

Warning: Its likely that future Fire OS updates may break the functionality of the Play Store. If that occurs, we suggest going right through the complete install process again and checking if newer APK files can be found. If everything else fails, it is possible to reset your Fire tablet and begin over.

You might experience some problems when attempting to utilize the Play Store immediately. The Play Store and Google Play Services will automatically update themselves in the backdrop, so just give it a while. This might take just as much as 10 minutes.

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