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How exactly to Only See Google Calendar Invites From People YOU UNDERSTAND

Would you like invites to automatically come in your Google Calendar but are leery of spam? Rather than blocking all events from automatically appearing, you have another option. It is possible to show events from only people you understand.

This addition to the Google Calendar settings was announced in July 2022. If you havent checked it out yet, nows enough time!


In the event that you enable the choice to automatically display events from people you understand, this consists of senders in your company, utilizing the same domain. In addition, it includes those in your contact list and folks youve interacted with before.

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As soon as you start the feature, youll still receive invitations from unknown senders. However, these events won’t display on your own Google Calendar and soon you accept them.

Options for adding invitations to Google Calendar

It is possible to enable this setting on the Google Calendar website in addition to in the mobile app on Android and iPhone.

Display Invites From People YOU UNDERSTAND on the internet

To show with this setting on the internet, visit Google Calendar in your browser and register. Click on the gear icon at the top right and pick Settings.

Expand the overall section on the left and choose Event Settings.

Event Settings under General in the Google Calendar Settings

Choose the drop-down box for Add Invitations to My Calendar and pick ONLY WHEN the Sender IS WELL KNOWN.

Only if the Sender is Known in the add invitations drop-down list

You need to visit a pop-up message helping you discover that the change doesnt affect invitations youve already received and that youll receive future invites from unknown senders via email.

Select OK to acknowledge the message and save the change.

How invitations are added confirmation message

Limit Invites to People YOU UNDERSTAND in the Mobile App

To improve this setting in the Google Calendar mobile app, youll follow exactly the same process on Android and iPhone.

Open Google Calendar and choose the menu icon at the top left. Pick Settings and tap General.

Settings, General in the Google Calendar mobile app

Move right down to and choose Adding Invitations and tap Add Invitations to my Calendar.

Adding invitation settings in the Google Calendar mobile app

Pick Only when the Sender is well known and confirm the change in the pop-up window by selecting OK.

Only if the Sender is Known and confirmation in the mobile app

When you have several Google account in the Google Calendar app, follow exactly the same process for every if you want.

After that you can utilize the arrow at the top left to exit the settings and go back to your primary Google Calendar screen.

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It may be convenient for you yourself to have invites automatically put into your Google Calendar, but youve disabled the choice due to unknown senders. With the enhanced settings you can view those events again, but only from people you understand.

For more, look at how exactly to propose a fresh time for a meeting or how exactly to restore deleted events in Google Calendar.

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