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How exactly to Paint Upholstery

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With regards to updating the inside of your house (especially on a budget), paint can be your best friend. Several coats can transform an area or perhaps a hallway, and make tired, worn furniture look new.

But dont limit you to ultimately painting wooden bookshelves and metal tables: You may also paint your upholstered furniture, like fabric chairs and sofas. Heres what things to know.

What type of upholstered furniture is it possible to paint?

Some upholstery could be painted, when youre dealing with fabric, a tighter weave will produce the very best results. Velvet, suede, and microfiber can all be painted aswell.

But before you obtain involved with it and spend enough time, money, and effort painting a bit of upholstered furniture, execute a thorough inspection of the piece. The paint may hide stains and the prior color, but problems like holes, flat cushions, and broken springs will stay. So if the furniture has problems like those, and you also decide that its worth continue, fix the problems before painting.

What type of paint is most effective?

There are many various kinds of paint that may focus on upholstery, so a whole lot boils down to the material and personal preference. Highly pigmented chalk paint, latex paint, and an assortment of latex paint and fabric medium are popular choices.

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Charlie Leanna Murphy, an inside designer and owner of The Pink Penthousea studio space in Kyle, Texasregularly paints upholstered furniture to complement the others of her rosy interior, and after some trial-and-error, discovered that one coat of interior latex paint is most effective for her. I take advantage of latex paint since when it dries, it acts like fake leather, she tells Lifehacker. Im in a position to wipe it clean.

Previously, Murphy has used chalk paint on upholstery, but discovered that it could crack. Similarly, in her experience, fabric spray paint tended to rub off.

How exactly to prep the furniture

Before starting out, remove any removable cushions or pillows and vacuum everything thoroughly. Then, tape off the elements of the furniture that wont be painted. Next, wet down the fabric (a spray bottle filled up with water is effective).

This can help the paint absorb in to the fabric and that means you dont want to do as much coats, Murphy explains. She also primes the upholstery fabricthough some individuals skip that step and do several coats of paint instead.

How exactly to paint the furniture

After the piece is prepped, mix your paint (if necessary) and execute a small patch test on a concealed area of the upholstery to make sure that your paint and technique achieve the outcomes you need. Assuming they do, its time and energy to start painting.

Apply the paint in small sections, making the effort to work it in to the fabric. Dont forget to paint across the seams, around buttons, in the corners, and in other crevices.

Heres Murphy doing his thing:

In the event that you skipped the primer and so are doing multiple coats of paint, work with a sanding sponge or sandpaper (about 220 grit) to work the paint in to the upholstery between coats.

Then, leave the furniture piece alone until its completely dry. From then on, some people prefer to apply a top coat of wax or liquid patina to seal the newly painted upholstery, but again, it boils down to personal preference.

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