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How exactly to Remove Mold From Books (and stop It From RETURNING)

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Given the health threats connected with mold, its not at all something you need in or near your house. Unfortunately, flooding, humidity, and/or improper storage can lead to mold growing on basically anything we ownincluding our books.

Health issues aside, mold can stain the pages of books, causing them to break apart, and providing them with that unmistakable musty smell. As soon as mold starts growing using one book, in the event that you dont take it off, it’ll likely spread to others in your collection. Heres how exactly to spot, remove, and stop mold growth on your own books.

What does mold appear to be on books?

Many of the most common signs of mold growth on books includes:

  • Fuzzy growth (in virtually any color)
  • White, stringy filaments covering porous surfaces
  • Proof past water damage and mold
  • Dark spots or stains

Mildew growing on a book can appear to be a patch of spots, or perhaps a layer of flaking powder (usually white, black, or gray) within the pages of a book, or its surface.

How exactly to remove mold from books

Unfortunately, once mold grows in or on a book, theres nothing that you can do at home to eliminate it entirely, and guarantee that it doesnt return. Based on the American Library Association (ALA), the great thing that can be done would be to freeze the moldy book(s) (putting them in a sealed freezer bag first), and rubbing down the moldy spots with alcohol.

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Preventing mold from growing on books

The main element to preventing mold growth on books is keeping them somewhere less-prone to humidity. This implies avoiding basements, closets, and storing them against another wall of the home. Youll also desire to control the humidity in the area where theyre stored whenever you can. Owning a dehumidifier in addition to a fan (to market air circulation) can help.

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