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How exactly to Reset an Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Whether youre experiencing issues with your Amazon Fire TV Stick, or you intend to sell or give it away to someone, it is possible to reset these devices to erase all of your personal data and apps onto it. Well demonstrate how exactly to do that.

Remember that once you reset your Fire TV Stick, you lose all of your username and passwords, downloaded apps, and any items stored on the Stick. Afterward you have to setup your device from scratch.

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Methods to Reset an Amazon Fire TV Stick

One method to reset a Fire TV Stick is by using the devices Settings menu. Theres a choice in this menu that enables you to bring your Adhere to the default factory settings.

Another method is by using your Sticks remote to reset these devices. You might want to utilize this method in the event that you cant achieve your devices Settings menu for reasons uknown.

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Use Settings to Reset a Fire TV Stick

To utilize the graphical reset method, first, access your Fire TV Sticks home screen and choose Settings (a gear icon) at the very top.


In Settings, select My Fire TV.


On the My Fire TV page, choose Reset to Factory Defaults.


From the prompt, select Reset to verify your decision.

Warning: Youll lose all of the data stored on your own Fire TV Stick, so make certain youre okay with that before choosing Reset.


Your device will quickly reset and itll have a few minutes to complete resetting. Youre then ready.

Utilize the Remote to create a Fire TV Adhere to the Factory Settings

If your Fire TV Stick is unresponsive or you cant utilize the Settings menu for reasons uknown, use your devices remote for the reset process.

To achieve that, on your own remote, press and hold down the trunk and Right buttons for 10 seconds.

Press the Back and Right buttons simultaneously.

On your own Fire TV Sticks screen, it is possible to elect to cancel the reset process if you would like. In the event that you dont do anything, your Stick will continue steadily to reset.

Your device will undoubtedly be reset in a minute. Then, it is possible to sell it, give it away to someone, as well as relink it to your personal Amazon account. Happy streaming your preferred content!

Do you realize it is possible to add more apps to your Fire TV Stick by jailbreaking it?

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