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How exactly to Rotate a Video on Android

Samsung Galaxy camera app.
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Its happened to all or any folks. You recorded a video, however your phone didnt detect that it had been turned sideways. Now the video is in portrait rather than landscape as you intended. Dont worry, it is possible to rotate it.

This usually happens if youre holding the telephone in ways thats not firmly in landscape mode, like in the event that you point the telephone down. Additionally, it may happen in the event that you open the camera app and begin recording before it could change orientation.

On other occasions, you might rotate your phonewhilerecording a video. The orientation is locked once you start recording, therefore the elements of the videos where you rotated your phone wont look right. If thats what happened for you, youll desire to trim off the initial part before rotating the video.

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Well be utilizing the Google Photos app to get this done. Its free and contains tons of great benefits you might want to have a look at. However, because of this guide, well be keeping the basics. It is possible to skip through the original set-up process.

First, discover the video that youd prefer to rotate.

Select a video.

Next, tap the screen to create up the controlsif they arent already visibleand tap Edit.


Switch to the Crop tab in underneath toolbar.


Now tap the rotate icon before video is in your desired orientation.

When youre done, tap Save Copy. Google Photos wont enable you to overwrite the initial video.


Its as simple as thatthe new video will undoubtedly be saved in your gallery! Google Photos includes a couple of handy editing tools for both photos and videos.

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