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How exactly to See Whenever a TEXT Was Sent on your own iPhone


Automagically, the iPhonesMessages app teaches you the date and time for the initial message on any given day, however, not for each message sent and received. However, the precise time each message was sent is hidden but theres a good way to show all of the exact timestamps.

In the screenshot below, spot the date and time near the top of several messages. But, you can find no times on the average person messages.

A snippet of an iMessage conversation.

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You could also visit a Read message in the bottom of the most recent message with a period (if its from the existing day), each day of the week (if its from the final week), or perhaps a date (if its from prior to the the other day).

Note: Automagically, when someone having an iOS device supplies you with a note, they know if you have read their message. They’ll visit a Read message below the message you sent. However, it is possible to prevent folks from knowing youve read their messages when working with iMessage in iOS.

A message's read time highlighted by an arrow.

To start to see the exact time each message was sent, swipe left on the screen and hold your finger there. While your finger continues to be pressing on the screen, all of the exact times the messages were sent display on the proper side of the screen, as shown below. Once you take your finger off the screen, the days are hidden again.

The times iMessages were sent highlighted with a red box.

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Blue texts are ones sent through the iMessage system (between iPhones). For those who have friends or family with a phone apart from an iPhone, such as for example an Android phone or perhaps a Windows phone, the messages they send you’ll be green, indicating they are SMS messages, not iMessage messages. This trick works for both forms of messages.

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Whether youre an attorney creating a case for litigant or an overbearing friend creating a case against anotherfriend, the hidden iMessage time stamp feature offers you the information you will need.

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