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How exactly to Stop AirPods From Reading Notifications

An AirPod in a person's ear.

Your iPhone can announce notifications in circumstances where youre struggling to see your screen. This is often useful when youre hearing music on your own AirPods or Beats headphones, nonetheless it could be annoying.

It is possible to disable the feature completely, nevertheless, you also have additional options to create it less noisy. It is possible to instead decrease the amount of notifications your iPhone reads or own it only read notifications while youre driving. Heres how.

SWITCH OFF Announce Notifications in Settings

When enabled, this feature can make usage of Siri to announce incoming notifications, including messages and calendar appointments. You can even elect to announce notifications from third-party apps.

To prevent your iPhone from reading notifications over your AirPods, check out Settings > Notifications > Announce Notifications.

iOS Notifications Settings

To show the feature off in its entirety, disable Announce Notifications. The feature will undoubtedly be disabled both for headphone use or when youre using CarPlay.

This setting pertains to AirPods (second generation), AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Beats Solo Pro, Powerbeats Pro, and Powerbeats. It doesnt use standard Bluetooth headphones or external speakers.

Notifications announcement settings

In order to leave the feature on when using CarPlay, it is possible to enable Announce Notifications but disable the Headphones option. Tap on CarPlay to create further changes to just how incoming messages are announced.

CarPlay notifications settings

Customize Notifications Announcements

Siris capability to announce notifications can be quite handy, but its utility largely depends upon how its used. Its much less disruptive if youre careful about which notifications are announced so you arent getting unimportant notifications from apps like games or internet sites.

It is possible to customize which apps are announced under Settings > Notifications > Announce Notifications by scrolling down. Youll visit a set of installed apps. Tap on an app make it possible for or disable Announce Notifications for that one software.

Change app notification announce settings

Some apps (like Calendar) enable you to differentiate between Time Sensitive Notifications and regular notifications in order that only the main alerts are read aloud. In the event that you enable this setting for an app that doesnt curently have notifications enabled (in the Settings > Notifications menu), notifications will undoubtedly be fired up.

Time Sensitive Notifications toggle

Balancing iPhone Notifications

Notifications are arguably probably the most useful features on any smartphone. They alert one to important electronic mails and online developments in real-time, but striking a balance between being informed and being overwhelmed is vital.

Learning how exactly to master iPhone notifications enables you to eliminate annoying notifications and be sure you dont skip the ones that matter. When you have an Apple Watch, its smart tofine-tune the notifications you obtain on your own Apple Watch too.

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