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How exactly to use Twitter Analytics

If while using Twitter you’re curious about the amount of engagement your tweets are in fact getting, you might want to have a closer look at your tweet analytics. The amount of likes, retweets, or comments can only just let you know so much about how exactly your tweets are increasingly being received. But viewing your tweet analytics can provide you an improved notion of how well your tweets achieve your audience.

To see your tweet analytics, you will have to visit your account’s Twitter Analytics dashboard, that will not merely show your tweets’ like and retweet statistics but additionally more descriptive tweet metrics like impressions and account metrics such as for example follows and mentions. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how exactly to access your Twitter Analytics dashboard and individual tweet metrics. We’ll also answer some of your Twitter Analytics questions.

The Home tab of the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

So what can Twitter Analytics let you know? An instant tour of the dashboard

The Twitter Analytics dashboard is really a webpage that’s updated each day and offers an abundance of information regarding your tweet activity and how other Twitter users react to your tweets. When you initially open the dashboard, you will be presented with the house tab, which ultimately shows a 28-day summary of one’s tweet activity and account metrics. The Analytics dashboard will highlight recent trends such as for example how often you tweet, just how many impressions your tweets have obtained, just how many profile visits you’ve had, the amount of mentions you’ve received, as well as your current amount of followers (including whether these numbers have risen or down recently).

As you scroll down the house tab of one’s dashboard, you will see monthly statistical summaries of one’s tweet activity. In these monthly summaries, the dashboard will in actuality highlight your best-performing tweets and mentions and demonstrate who your top followers are. You can also see more general statistics about your tweet and account activity.

In the event that you go through the Tweets tab, you will see a graph showing you the amount of impressions your tweets earned during the period of a 28-day period. Impressions will be the amount of times your tweets were seen by other users. In the event that you scroll down the Tweets tab, you will see your own tweets listed with the next metrics displayed for every tweet: impressions, engagements (amount of times other users connect to your tweets via actions like clicks and likes), and engagement rate (that is the amount of engagements divided by the amount of impressions). You can even select each tweet listed to visit a more descriptive Tweet Activity screen, which ultimately shows you an additional break down of your engagements.

On the proper side of the screen, you will see the Engagements column, which ultimately shows you graphs of different metrics like engagement rate, link clicks, and replies.

The Tweets tab of the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

Can anyone use Twitter Analytics?

Yes, generally, you don’t need to have a particular kind of Twitter account to possess usage of the Twitter Analytics dashboard. Meaning, you don’t need to have a blue-check account, also it doesn’t appear to require a Twitter Blue subscription, either. In most cases, for as long it meets the few basic requirements the following, any free, regular Twitter account will be able to access the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

In accordance with Twitter’s help guide on the problem, they are certain requirements for being in a position to utilize the Twitter Analytics dashboard:

  • Age the account should be at the least 14 days.
  • It can’t breach Twitter’s ads policy.
  • It can not be a deleted, suspended, or restricted account.
  • The account must mainly tweet in another of the languages listed in the Twitter help guide linked above. Types of such languages include English, Spanish, and Japanese.

How exactly to access Twitter Analytics via the desktop website

It is possible to access the entire Twitter Analytics dashboard via Twitter’s desktop website. Just follow the steps outlined below.

Step one 1: Head to and get on your account in the event that you haven’t already.

Selecting the More option on Twitter desktop web.

Step two 2: Once you’re logged in, select More.

Selecting the Analytics option from the More menu on Twitter for desktop web.

Step three 3: From the menu that appears, choose Analytics. Another browser tab should open and display your Twitter Analytics dashboard.

How exactly to access Twitter Analytics via the mobile app

Unfortunately, the entire Twitter Analytics dashboard isn’t obtainable in the mobile app. But when you can’t view the Twitter Analytics dashboard on the mobile app, it is possible to still view the analytics for every of one’s individual tweets. Here’s how exactly to do this:

Step one 1: Open the mobile app and navigate to your desired tweet. It must be considered a tweet you wrote (so the regular tweet or perhaps a quote tweet you wrote).

The Twitter mobile app's tweet activity analytics icon.

Step two 2: In the bottom of this tweet, where all the other icons for retweets and likes reside, choose the icon that appears like a bar graph (three vertical lines of varying heights). This can open a Tweet activity screen for that tweet.

The Twitter mobile app's tweet activity analytics screen.

Step three 3: On the Tweet Activity screen, you will see limited tweet engagement statistics such as for example amount of impressions, amount of engagements, and the amount of new followers recieved from that tweet.

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