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How exactly to Watch UFC Fights Online, on your own Phone, and on your own TV

REGARDLESS OF if you are a diehard UFC fan or simply an informal viewer, determining how exactly to watch the UFC for just about any specific event could be confusing. But theres very good news: Because the UFC’s sale to ESPN in 2019, the premier mixed fighting techinques organization has streamlined its events and content to some select areas, as soon as you break them down, its easy to start determining how exactly to watch the very best UFC fights online. So if youre seeking to watch upcoming fights, past fights, as well as a few of UFCs award-winning original content, our guide to accessing all of the UFC provides are certain to get you there fast.

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Watch UFC Fight Nights free of charge on ESPN+

ESPN holds exclusive streaming rights to Fight Night events via its streaming app, ESPN+. In the event that you purchase an ESPN+ subscription, you then will typically have the ability to view UFC Fight Nights free of charge in your service. The UFC’s rights also extend for some of the league’s original programming, like its prospects series, called Dana Whites Contender Series. So far as subscription streaming services go, ESPN+ incredibly affordable once you bundle it with The Disney Bundle. It is a subscription service that provides you usage of ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu for $13.99. You may also elect to upgrade your The Disney Bundle and obtain Hulu without ads, which may bring the monthly total to $19.99 monthly.


It is also worth mentioning it is possible to purchase ESPN+ alone for a monthly or annual plan. Recently, ESPN+ announced it had been likely to raise its prices to $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually. If you are looking simply for sports content and UFC, then that is still much, being an ESPN+ subscription will start viewing opportunities for selection of other live sports events like the NFL, Major League Soccer (MLS), MLB, NBA, NHL, and a bunch of other pro- and collegiate-level contests.


Once your charge card info is in (sorry, no trial offer), it is possible to access programming from your own mobile device via the ESPN+ app, in addition to on your own smart TV along with other connected devices, including Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Oculus Go.

Watch UFC Championship Fights on ESPN+

Championship fights are big-ticket events, and like MMAs predecessor of boxing, theyre pay-per-view only. If youre a cable subscriber, including DirectTV, it is possible to sometimes order your fight directly during your provider (and oftentimes with several taps of one’s finger on your own remote). If youre an ESPN+ member, simply get on your account and pony up.


Pay-per-view one-time fees through ESPN+ for members are currently $75, though this fee has been raised many times because the Worldwide Sports Leader took over 3 years ago. If you are an initial time subscriber to ESPN+, we recommend waiting until a UFC PPV fight is approaching, as ESPN sometimes supplies a promo deal where buying an annual subscription gets you the UFC fight free of charge.


How exactly to Watch UFC Prelim Fights

Preliminary fights (also known as prelims) are usually the easiest to view. Usually, prelims are aired go on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN+. The UFC does this to greatly help build-up hype for upcoming PPV bouts (that air immediately after the prelims) and attract viewers to get the PPV. Two popular streaming services that may provide you with the channels that always cover UFC prelims are fuboTV and Sling.



How exactly to Watch Past UFC Fights

While ESPN+ continues to be king with regards to live events, theres a few various ways to view past UFC fights, including championships.

The initial (and cheapest) is through the UFCs official YouTube channel. The business is rolling out a wholistic method of piquing fan fascination with upcoming fights, including fighter highlight reels, behind-the-scenes training mini-documentaries, and also uncut past fights deemed significant to future events. Its also the house of such original programming because the Dana White: Lookin for a Fight series, which includes been with us since 2015 and is currently in its sixth season. Needless to say, this content reaches the whim of the UFC itself, and wish fight is online 1 day doesnt guarantee it’ll be on another. The UFC will most likely pull fights in the same way fast following the upcoming events have concluded (see: almost every Conor McGregor fight).


Therefore, for the core fan (or the fan attempting to be core), theres no replacement for UFC Fight Pass. This stand-alone app, independent from ESPN+, provides the archives of the business itself. For $10 per month or perhaps a $96 annual fee, users can stream individual fights and events, including championship bouts, on demand. In addition, it opens usage of the UFCs new original programming, including shows Year of the Fighter, Fightlore, and much more.

THE VERY BEST Methods to Watch UFC Fights Online

Everybody knows someone that loves to stream UFC PPV events illegally. You shouldn’t be that guy. To begin with, it isn’t safe, as digging for illegal streams can open you around a variety of scams, data stealing, and also identity theft. Second, streaming UFC fights illegally won’t provide you with the best display quality on your own device or TV. And finally, although some think illegal streaming is really a victimless crime, the act continues to be technically a felony, that may open you around a variety of issues if you are in the incorrect place at the incorrect time.

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The easiest method to watch UFC fights online would be to adhere to the platforms mentioned previously. ESPN+ are certain to get you the largest and baddest fights on PPV, without interruptions and excellent display quality. And when you’re concerned about the cost, take up a watch party and invite friends and family over. Even though you invite four friends over, it is possible to split the price of a $75 PPV fight for $15 per person. And that is well worth a complete nights entertainment!

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