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How helicopters are shaking up the search for life on Mars

Published August 4, 2022

11 min read

The seek out signs of ancient Martian life gets an airborne assist.

The best goal, apart from discovering whether Mars was ever an inhabited world, would be to recreate a cache of pristine rocks from the red planets surface. To achieve that, NASA and the European Space Agency are collaborating on the Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission, which aims to provide Mars rocks to Earth in the first 2030s.

Nonetheless it wont be cheap, or easy: The endeavor, originally estimated to cost at the very least $7 billion, will depend on a number of spacecraft to accomplish its goala fleet that now includes a couple of helicopters. These Martian flyers will undoubtedly be modeled following a prototype helicopter called Ingenuity, which arrived on Mars in February 2021 with NASAs Perseverance rover and contains shown to be a huge success.

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