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How “House of the Dragon” subtly setup another “Game of Thrones” spinoff

The series premiere of “House of the Dragon“is here now, and it’s really a doozy. The initial ever successor series to”Game of Thrones“has gotten off to a resoundingly good start for HBO, already becoming probably the most successful premiere ever for the network. That’s nothing to sneeze at, considering how much time HBO has been around the premium television game.

Yet while”House of the Dragon”is wowing critics and audiences (or scarring them beyond belief, based on the method that you reacted compared to that onehorrifying scene), it’s already performing a little bit of legwork to greatly help set up the higher”Game ofThrones”cinematic universe. It’s no secret that HBO hasnumerous spinoffsin development in line with the works of George R.R. Martin. While”House of the Dragon”may become a sensible way togauge audience appetitesfor more Westeros, it’s already laid some very subtle groundwork for another show.

You will havevery mild spoilersbelow for theHouse of the Dragonseries premiere,“The Heirs of the Dragon.”

“House of the Dragon” teases another “Game of Thrones” spinoff

The series premiere of”House of the Dragon”introduces us to two of the show’s main characters: heir apparent Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock), and her companion and daughter of the Hand of the King, Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey). Both Rhaenyra and Alicent are complex characters, with shades of Arya or Sansa or Cersei based on the way you squint at them. Their relationship will undoubtedly be at the core of the show.

Through the premiere, both girls are hanging out the Godswood in King’s Landing while Alicent quizzes Rhaenyra on her behalf histories. Specifically, Alicent is asking Rhaenyra questions concerning the Princess Nymeria, who sailed 10,000 ships from her homeland by the River Rhoyne and finally landed in Dorne. It is a fascinating easter egg because we realize that certain of another”Game of Thrones”spinoffs that HBO has in development working title””10,000 Ships“is approximately Nymeria and her odyssey.

Nymeria is really a prominent historical figure in George R.R. Martin’s world, which mention on”House of the Dragon”isn’t the 1st time she’s been alluded to on screen. Back on”Game of Thrones,” Arya Stark named her direwolf following the Rhoynish princess, and there have been a small number of tiny mentions of the warrior princess at various points.

However,”House of the Dragon”may be the first-time that Nymeria’s history was organized so plainly for viewers. Here’s Rhaenyra’s accounting:

Princess Nymeria led her Rhoynar over the Narrow Sea on 10,000 ships to flee their Valyrian pursuers. She took Lord Mors Martell of Dorne to husband, and burned her very own fleet off Sunspear showing her individuals who these were finished running.

Whether this is inserted into”House of the Dragon”to intentionally pave just how for”10,000 Ships”or it’s only a fun easter egg because Rhaenyra may be the type of rebellious teenage girl who might research to Nymeria, it still lets viewers find out about this tale. Should HBO find yourself going right through with”10,000 Ships,” without doubt this scene will need on a more deeply meaning for fans.

“House of the Dragon”premieres new episodes every Sunday on HBO and HBO Max. Are you aware that other”Game of Thrones”spinoffs, our watch continues.

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