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How Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Expands a Nearly 15-Year Franchise

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight may be the latest entry in another of DreamWorks Animations more fruitful universes. The 3rd TV series in the franchise born from2008s animated feature film Kung Fu Panda (accompanied by big-screen sequels in 2011 and 2016),it marks nearly 15 years of storytelling around Po, a huge, energetic and endearing if imperfect panda who becomes a master of Kung Fu after being prophesied because the Dragon Warrior.

Arriving on Netflix this July with the weight greater than ten years worth of adventures proceeding it, The Dragon Knight manages to create itself a component in Pos ever-growing story, taking Kung Fu Panda in new directions.

Executive producer Peter Hastings tells The Hollywood Reporter that the idea for the series began with the thought of a road trip, specifically a pal road comedy that naturally goes all over in search of their goal, that is to catch criminals.

Voice of Po and star Jack Black notes that the EP had an awesome vision for what an epic journey this might be one which still manages to be filled with all of the magic items that made the initial movie so excellent: its Kung Fu, its comedy, its adventure and in the long run, its got some cool messages for the youngsters.

Although it keeps most of the elements viewers loved about previous installments, Hastings notes that the show reaches go narratively and visually to places the franchise hasn’t been.

Just within the realm of TV animation, the picture which were delivering and discovering and designing looks fantastic, Hasting shares. Then also linked to storytelling, were doing basically an individual story through the initial 11 episodes a serialized thing which hasnt been finished with the Kung Fu Panda television stuff before.

A tale that sees Po lose a title hes spent literal years with, The Dragon Knight puts him on a journey that tests not only his own knowledge of himself, but see him teamed up with and challenged by someone who doesnt get him.

Section of this is my need to knock him down also to put him in a hole where he feels as though hes lost this important things, the Dragon Knight EP explains. However in the journey, needless to say, its about realizing that its not the title and its own not how many other people call you and that everything he thought made him the Dragon Warrior and the Dragon Master he still has.

Hastings adds that having the ability to have a darker, older tone with the show versus past chapters also marks the way the series is expanding the franchise. Never to be afraid and become approved in order to get into some emotional places plus some dark backstories what motivates these exact things and bring the emotional life thats been really fun.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Black, together with his fellow voices actors James Hong and Rita Ora, Hastings and fellow EP Shaunt Nigoghossian, in addition to art director Ellen Jin about how exactly Pos latest journey is really a celebration of where Kung Fu Panda has been and where its going.

James Hong as Mr. Ping and Jack Black as Po in Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. THANKS TO NETFLIX


The Dragon Knight may be the most recent chapter in the franchise, but its also one filled with familiar voices.The Netflix series marks the return of Jack Black because the voice of Po, after Mick Wingert overran the role for the last Television shows. Hastings tells THR getting Black back was the consequence of the pandemic shutdown in Hollywood.

The starter for this is the proven fact that Jack is typically not that busy at this time because nobody was, aside from animation, he explains. Then additionally, there are people associated with the films that are also working at Netflix, therefore we’d connections for the reason that manner.

Hastings, who also served because the series voice director, says Black really taken care of immediately the shows storytelling, that is older than in which a lot of these things has been, and is more consistent with what the initial movies excellent emotional stories were.

An average actor says their lines plus they provide you with the possibility to execute a little acting or something but with Jack, you need to do 90 poses for just one line. Its fun and its own challenging, Nigoghossian adds. He lets you know when to go wide because hes doing something along with his body. He is really great at getting emotion, too, therefore sometimes Im likely to turn the lights down here, put a shaft of light directly on his sad head.

For Black, his go back to the franchise was a thrilling venture into new creative territory as his first TV animation stint in the Kung Fu Panda universe. He said, presented another sort of experience than employed in film. One where he didnt feel just like he was just slightly tweaking exactly the same material for a protracted time period.

Its a lot more fun to go atlanta divorce attorneys week or every little while and focus on a fresh episode. Because with a movie, youll focus on exactly the same story exactly the same one-and-a-half-hour story for just two years. Youll just drill down and youll like tweak a line or perhaps a word differs, also it can sort of drive you insane, he explains. With a string, youre to arrive and you also dont have time for that crap. Youre shifting to another episode. Whats happening next? When you begin finished ., you have a good idea of the broad strokes of the complete arc of the series, nevertheless, you dont really know whats coming. Youre watching it unfold weekly. Its an extremely, really lovely job. I had so much fun during the last year or two carrying it out.

Black wasnt the only real returning cast member because of this go-around. For James Hong, who in addition has been with the franchise because the first film voicing the type of Mr. Ping, the most recent TV installment marks an extraordinary personal milestone.

Ive never done exactly the same character for 15 years, Hong tells THR, adding that hes likely voiced up to 10 different roles over the franchise. Due to that, growing up with Mr. Ping and Kung Fu Panda has opened my eyes. Initially, we didnt know where this thing was going. We just did our bit, right? We did our best, and we just sort of put it aside. But who dream that in 15 years, heres Jack and I returning? We have developed ourselves.

Nigoghossian says Hongs creative improvisation is specially impressive, with the actor doing items that just no-one would ever want to develop.

James Hong did each and every version of Kung Fu Panda. Hes remained fantastic to utilize. Hes 93 yrs . old, and hes been only enthusiastic and fun with this with this whole show, Hastings adds.

Rita Ora as Wandering Blade in Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. THANKS TO NETFLIX


While The Dragon Knight reunites cast and friends, in addition, it introduces the newest character of Wandering Blade, voiced by Rita Ora. Hastings says the type may be the opposite to Blacks Po, and through their Dragon Knight journey, both characters arrived at discover that they sort of need one another a bit.

Shes this contrasting force to [Po]. Shes rigid and she doesnt smile and her movements have become limited. Hes bouncing around Wandering Blade just like a little dog, he adds. They both sort of become like one another. She loosens up a bit as she reaches know him and he becomes a bit more serious and realizes that life isn’t always very easy.

The singer and actress first animated TV voice role, Ora called her time focusing on the series a genuine experimental experience.Ive really surprised myself using what I possibly could do with my voice, she says. I understand I sing but speaking and shouting and whispering [in voiceover] its just like a very different world. Its really nice to expand my understanding of what I believe I could do confidence-wise.

Addressing team with Kung Fu Panda veterans Black and Hong was the simpler part, she says, as a fan of the franchise. It didnt have a lot to go in. I understand these characters and know I have to match the energy, she says. I had the optimum time just learning and to arrive fresh without expectations.

Hastings says Oras musicians ears and great work ethic meant she found voice acting really fast in an exceedingly short time of time.The standard of her voice was great, and thats why she was cast. I heard a lot of people read for the role and her voice just popped. But being truly a voice actor is very much indeed like being truly a singer because its a vocal performance and everything exists in your voice, the EP says. She’s lots of studio experience singing and I believe that basically helped her a whole lot. In just several episodes, Im like, Youre equally as good as any professional voice actor on the market. Youre giving me two takes which are great and were doing one for fun and nailing it.’

But Wandering Blade wasnt only a new journey for Ora. She also presented new design opportunities for the team, in accordance with Jin. When discussing the characters stature, the art director notes that the designers on the initial films theyre excellent concerning the shape language, therefore she and the shows design team for The Dragon Knight built from that.

Po is traveling close to Wandering Blade therefore, we need to design Wandering Blade to check Po and at exactly the same time, [be] unique in her very own way, she explains. If you look at Pos physique, hes very bottom-heavy. Hes got a water drop shape. Wandering Blade needed to be top-heavy because she actually is that counterpart. So shes got the wider shoulders, shes taller than Po. Shes said to be an extremely strong Knight, physically very fit.

When it found what Wandering Blade donned, and the team like a lot of their work researched design options, weighing both period accuracy and how it may be reflective of the characters personality, before buying her final look.

We didnt desire to quite give her metal armor because I believe that just makes her personality look a bit harder. So we went with a fish scale leather armor and gave her a gold leaf to pop to enable you to recognize her armor wherever you discover her image, Jin says. Her sword also was made to represent her. Its not really a regular English sword that has been really common round the time. Its got beautiful intricate designs, carvings and engravings which are very unique.

(L-R): Rita Ora as Wandering Blade, Jack Black as Po, James Hong as Mr. Ping and Rahnuma Panthaky as Rukhmini in Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. THANKS TO NETFLIX


For the very first time in the franchises history, its characters are stepping beyond your boundaries of China for journeys that take them to other areas of the world.

That gave us an extremely fun possibility to design all sorts of new things constantly,Hastings tellsTHR.Instead of building six sets and with them endlessly, we could actually design a fresh thing with every episode. It had been an enormous challenge, but additionally really fun and kept everybody on the toes with regards to doing research for where were going what type of animals lived there, deciding what these characters will be like.

Nigoghossian adds that taking the narrative to new places was a chance to play in a more impressive creative sandbox within theKung Fu Pandauniverse style. There exists a style toKung Fu Pandawhere lighting is actually important, even the type designs. Just how do we have now take that idea and take action in the desert? How can you create a cactus in this style? How can you create a palm tree in the style? he says. How can you create a different animal just like a snake and how will you make sure they are move and fight if they dont have arms?

The EP, who also directed on the animated series, said that expanding the universe was among the funnest things in the show for both design and writing teams. We researched and ensured that each animal was from that specific location and also the culture of this land was considered. Especially the truth that this is previously. Its not the culture today. Its the culture of days gone by for the reason that area.

To fully capture all this, The Dragon Knight team relied on artists, writers and a hired cultural consultant for every location the series would go to, also for the regional and cultural influences of its various characters. Both England and India are notable stops in season one, and Jin tells THR the team really researched how people live from clothing and architecture to everyday items and weapons.

Theyre various different based on which century theyre from or which region of these particular country, she says. And the consultants were always there to catch us if we go in a different way that’s not really correct.

By the finish of season one, Po and Wandering Blade are entering a fresh area on the Asia content: India. The Dragon Knight art director has already been considering that next journey and what potential lies ahead for the Kung Fu Panda team should they get yourself a season two.

India if you ask me may be the most exciting spot to head to, she says. Look at their wells system they built. It’s the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen to get water The architecture it couldnt become more different [than China] the direction they build castles and towers India cultivated a wide variety of spices that all of those other world didnt have. Their food culture is amazing.

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knightis currently streaming on Netflix.

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