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How National Geographic photographed Queen Elizabeth II

Published September 8, 2022

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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor sat on a historical throne, her eyes downcast. Moments before she have been clad in white. Now she was Elizabeth II, Queen of the uk and its own Commonwealth realmsshoulders wrapped in golden cloth, hands clasping jeweled scepters, and head heavy with a crown. Cries of God save the Queen! echoed throughout Westminster Abbey as silver trumpets blared.

At the June 1953 coronation, nobody may have guessed Queen Elizabeths reign would last a record-breaking 70 years. However the need for the elaborate ceremony had not been lost on veteran photographer James Jarch. Utilizing a Leica camera packed with Kodachrome film, he documented every moment of the age-old ritual, then rushed the undeveloped images to the National Geographic Societys D.C. headquarters via special air courier.

The outcomes galvanized National Geographic editors, who dropped other coverage within their September 1953 issue to create room for the beautiful color photos, alongside classic Nat Geo assumes from the bunting that filled a still war-scarred London to the British-bred silkworms in charge of the queens sumptuous regalia.

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