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How Suri Cruise Went From an Ultra

Being the only real child ofA-listers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes certainly implies that youre born with asilver spoon. Yet, Suri Cruise, who’s16today, seems tohave grown uptobecome awell-rounded, down-to-earth teen who isabout toturn into astrong and independent young woman. This ismainly due toher moms clever parenting style after her split from Tom in2012, where she knew how tokeep her daughter protected from the pressure ofHollywood and connected tothe real life around her.

Bright Side admires how Katie succeeded inraising akind child who prefers volunteering and being with family instead ofindulging inthe excesses ofher privileged life. Here are a few ofthe things the actress did tomake sure her daughter keeps her feet onthe ground.

She was still bottle-fed at3.

According toapediatrician, children should beweaned off the bottle bythe time they’re 1-year-old. And also bythe time they’re 9months old, they will have the physical development and mouth coordination necessary tobeable todrink out ofasippy cup oracup with astraw. Yet, Suri was still being bottle-fed byher mom atthe age of3, which led tosome criticism in the past.

Nomore designer outfits. NEWS

Atjust the tender age of3, Suris wardrobe had been estimated at1million dollars. This little kid was arguably one ofthe most stylish kids inHollywood and known on her behalf love ofdressing upingirly, designer outfits, handbags, and heels.

Yet itseems that changed when her parents separated and Suri moved with Katie toNew York. Itwas reported that mama put astop tothe designer-focused outfits and was even returning unsolicited gifts and loans from designers.

She used towear makeup at5.

Wagner Az, NEWS

Besides her elaborate and posh wardrobe, Suri also loved makeup from anearly age. Infact, she was often photographed wearing lipstick even before turning 4-years-old, she was even spotted searching for makeup and testing some before her 5th birthday. However, this changed when Suri stopped coping with her dad. Asource revealed, All that inappropriate dress-up and makeup was down toTom.

She grew upfar from the spotlight. NEWS

Despite having 2Hollywood stars for parents, wedont see orhear much about Suri inthe media. Infact, wedont really start to see the teen onher moms social media marketing platform either, apart from super rare glimpses once in a while. Katie once openedup, saying, Every parent ischallenged bysocial media and the web. She added, Ithink, forme, its just limiting the total amount oftime for myself and for mychild.

Soinstead, this protective mom prefers that her daughter grows upasfar aspossible from Hollywood, spending plenty oftime inOhio, where in fact the actress was created, surrounded byher grandparents and aunts. Itwas reported they are aclose-knit family and also have done everything they are able to tobethere on her behalf and tohelp with her upbringing.

She does volunteer use mom.

Despite being born with somuch privilege, Katie ensured Suri didnt grow updisconnected from reality and raised her daughter with moral values. This meant being physically and emotionally involved inhelping others bydoing alot ofvolunteering, like going toGreece together and helping inarefugee camp in2019.

Weimagine that enough time they spend together inhumanitarian work worldwide also allows this mother and daughter tobuild strong ties. And Katie herself admitted, Ienjoy volunteering with mydaughter and hearing her point ofview and listening toher suggestions onhow wecan help.

She’s todochores.

Dylan Travis/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Growing upsurrounded byalot ofhelp and folks ready tomake her life possible for her didnt imply that Suri could easily get away with being lazy and spoiled. Infact, Katie once revealed they have avery structured schedule athome and that little Suri has alist ofchores she’s todoevery day.

Mother noted, She’s tomake her bed, she’s totake her dishes tothe sink, she’s toput her clothes inthe laundry.

She attended mass weekly

After being homeschooled atfirst, Suri was sent toaCatholic school, which meant that she didnt have tofollow her dads footsteps inScientology and attend aScientology school like her older half-siblings had. The Catholic school she went tohad alot ofdiscipline, which included attending mass every Thursday.

Mother and daughter quality time


Itisclear bynow that the mom-and-daughter duo always puts family first and contains asuper strong bond. And which means hanging out together asmuch aspossible and enjoying regular activities similar to the rest ofus. Katie revealed that some ofthe things the pair spent most oftheir time doing these past couple of months were exceeding Hollywood classic movies, cooking, and making quilts ontheir sewing machine.

Doyou think Katie made the proper decision bykeeping Suri out ofthe spotlight asshe was growingup?

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