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How to find out which tinykin youre missing

Heres a tip to create Gotta Catch em All! easier

As a 3D platformer fan who loves scooping up collectibles, Tinykin is this type of breezy time.

Playing as a shrunken explorer in a gigantic bedroom with insect citizens just living their lives, youre constantly searching for glowing items of pollen to get and new (Pikmin-like) tinykin creatures to command. For folks like me, it feels as though a continuing brain massage. The games sense of progression is so fast, youre usually just seconds from finding something to get. It maintains this pace the complete way through its six-hour run. That’s and soon you start nudging the right path toward 100 percent completion.

Without spoiling anything, Tinykin has two main collectibles pollen and tinykin and there isnt a radar or capability to help sniff them out. Youve surely got to scope out every inch of each room out of every conceivable angle; these things could be really tucked out of view.

If youre playing casually, you shouldnt come across progression-blocking bumps in the street. Its virtually go-go-go completely, with no need to hunt obsessively.

But if youre following the Gotta Catch em All! trophy or achievement for finding every tinykin, youll have to placed on your explorers cap and move on to work. It took me 10 hours to accomplish it all, and something little bit of community info saved me plenty of trouble in the house stretch.

Celerion Park tinykin locations
With a huge selection of tinykin eggs to hatch, its an easy task to gloss over some.

Its far better get all the pollen first

On the pollen front, YouTuber WheatYT has a playlist of full-level playthroughs.

So if youre just missing a small number of pick-ups, and you also swear youve looked absolutely everywhere, a few of these fast-forwarded guide videos can perform the secret.

My real concern was finding every tinykin. That is trickier unlike pollen, that includes a known total for every level, there isnt a tracker for tinykin youre missing. Therefore, the Gotta Catch em All! trophy and achievement could be nerve-wracking. It had been my last one.

Spoilers below

You can find six main zones in Tinykin, and the thought of heading back through all of them again being unsure of those Id already fully finished, and those were still incomplete was significantly less than ideal. Thankfully, some players have numbers for all of us to work from.

You cant observe how many tinykin youre missing, nevertheless, you can observe how many tinykin youve currently got (in the pause menu). Pink, green, and yellow tinykin will stick to you, but red and blue tinykin complicate things they’re consumed in puzzle-solving.

City of Sanctar total tinykin
Checking just how many tinykin Ive got left after doing everything in the town of Sanctar.

How exactly to find out which tinykin youre missing

After youve finished the story and youve done everything except the Gotta Catch em All! challenge, it is possible to reference these tinykin final totals from ItsGamer FURY and AusFinalBoss on TrueAchievements to see which levels still have tinykin to get:

  • Transidor Crossing 30 pink, 8 red, 25 green, 12 blue
  • City of Sanctar 41 pink, 22 red
  • Foliana Heights 26 pink, 17 red, 30 green
  • Waters of Balnea 40 pink, 24 red, 22 green, 37 blue
  • Lands of Ambrose 42 pink, 22 red, 20 green, 10 blue, 86 yellow
  • Celerion Park 42 pink, 8 red, 30 green, 21 blue, 60 yellow
  • THE FINAL Refuge 0 (4 red used to advance the story)

If youve done everything in confirmed level, your red tinykin total should perfectly match these numbers you can find finite obstacles to explode with the tiny fellas. So if youve consumed every red tinykin it is possible to, youll be left with the numbers shown above.

Blue tinykin are accustomed to form chains of electricity, and since theres wiggle room to be significantly less than perfectly efficient when forming a stretched-out line, you might use more or less tinykin than other players. Having said that, the blue tinykin youve used will undoubtedly be wherever you left them in the particular level, so that you can look at your pause menu total, then manually tally up the others of them which are out on the planet all electrified and stationary.

If your pause menu figures will vary, you then should search that specific level.

Thankfully, I was thorough with the tiny blue guys. I was missing three red tinykin in Celerion Park, and finished up finding them before too much time because of this info.

It might be nice to see Splashteam patch in a tinykin tracker, so players understand specifically which levels to revisit, but if that never happens, at the very least theres a method to math things out.

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