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How to SWITCH OFF AMBER Alerts on Android

Android robot and phone.

AMBER alerts are sent by your countrys authorities to notify you about missing persons in your region. If youd prefer to disable these alerts for reasons uknown, theres a method to do this on your own Android phone.

AMBER alerts are pretty useful because they keep you updated concerning the things happening around you. Keeping them enabled ensures you arent passing up on any important updates.

However, if you discover the alerts reach odd hours or arent relevant, it is possible to elect to disable them. In this manner, your phone wont notify you of any alerts. Later, it is possible to turn the feature back on if you would like.

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Disable AMBER Alerts on your own Android Phone

To avoid further AMBER alerts, first, launch the Settings app on your own Android phone. The steps below will slightly vary based on your phone.

In Settings, select Apps & Notifications.


Scroll listed below that opens and choose Wireless Emergency Alerts.


On the screen that launches, toggle off the AMBER Alerts option.

Tip: Make it possible for these notifications later on, toggle on the AMBER Alerts option.


And thats it. Your Android phone wont receive AMBER alerts anymore.

Do you wish to stop other Android notifications from showing up on your own screen? If that’s the case, theres a good way to achieve that.

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