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How to switch off the iPhone 14 Pros always-on display

The iPhone 14 release is upon us, meaning an incredible number of buyers worldwide will activate the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max on Friday. The Plus variant isnt likely to ship for another couple of weeks, which explains why only these three handsets could be activated immediately. However, only the iPhone 14 Pro models support always-on display, an attribute that works together with the brand new Lock Screen capabilities in iOS 16.

Steps to show off the always-on display

WHEN I suspected, the feature is enabled automagically. But you can simply switch off the always-on display. One reason to achieve that is that the always-on display will consume energy. Therefore, disabling it’ll enhance your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max battery life.

Apple details how exactly to disable the brand new always-on display feature in a fresh support document. And the setting is merely where you suspected youd think it is.

iPhone 14 Pro always-on display: How to turn on and off the feature.
iPhone 14 Pro always-on display: How exactly to start and off the feature. Image source: Apple Inc.

Check out the Settings app, then search for Display & Brightness. Within, scroll and soon you discover the Always On toggle you may use to disable the functionality.

Finally, if you value the feature, youll desire to check out several iPhone 14 Pro always-on display tricks that Apple hardly ever really told us about.

It is possible to enable always-on display at any point later if you believe the brand new feature can enhance your iPhone 14 Pro experience. Support for Live Activities may be reasonable to reenable the always-on display once again apps support the feature.

If youve been dying to make use of the always-on display functionality on iPhone, you need to know the feature is activated automagically. However, its not just a mandatory iPhone feature, and you may transform it off if you opt to. After all, if you are using an Apple Watch, you almost certainly dont require it.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max support always-on display functionality because of a substantial display upgrade. Apples new OLED panels because of this years Pro models can drop the refresh rate right down to 1Hz rather than 10Hz. Which means the iPhone use less energy once the always-on display is fired up.

Incidentally, thats why the iPhone 13 Pro models don’t have the always-on feature.

The feature will dim the display, but youll still visit a color wallpaper. Also, the always-on display will continue showing enough time and all of the Lock Screen widgets you have create.

iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display dims the wallpaper and shows the Lock Screen widgets.
iPhone 14 Pros always-on display dims the wallpaper and shows the Lock Screen widgets. Image source: Apple Inc.

However, when i explained prior to the iPhone 14 arrived, the iPhone doesnt need the always-on display as badly as Android. This is at the same time when rumors said iOS 16 will introduce the functionality.

Apple made everything official through the iPhone 14 launch event. And that has been enough for me personally to desire to transform it off the moment I acquired my practical an iPhone 14 Pro.

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