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How to SWITCH OFF Wi-Fi Contacting Android

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If youd prefer your phone to utilize your cellular network rather than Wi-Fi calling to create and receive calls, its an easy task to disable the Wi-Fi calling feature on your own Android phone. Well demonstrate how to do this.

To conclude, it is possible to disable Wi-Fi contacting Android by going to Settings > Wi-Fi & Network > SIM & Network, choosing your SIM card, and turning off the Wi-Fi Calling option. For detailed instructions with screenshots, please read further.

Note: The steps to disable Wi-Fi calling could be slightly different for the phone than whats listed below. However, youll get yourself a general idea in regards to what option to elect to switch off the feature.

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Disable Wi-Fi Contacting Your Android Phone

To begin with the Wi-Fi calling deactivation process, launch Settings on your own Android phone. In Settings, select Wi-Fi & Network.


On the Wi-Fi & Network page, tap SIM & Network.


If your phone supports multiple SIM cards, choose the SIM that you want to switch off Wi-Fi calling.

Choose a SIM.

On the SIM page, toggle off the Wi-Fi Calling option. This disables the feature.

Note: Understand that youll need to individually disable Wi-Fi calling for every SIM card on your own phone. Utilize the above steps and choose a proper SIM card to show off the feature for that one SIM.


And thats it. To any extent further, your phone is only going to use your mobile network to create and receive calls, even though Wi-Fi calling capabilities can be found. Later, it is possible to enable the feature by toggling on Wi-Fi Calling on the settings page.

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