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Husband says doctor wife accused of poisoning him has history abusing him, two kids: court docs

The California dermatologist who allegedly poisoned her doctor husband includes a long history of mistreating him and their two children once yelling at the small children to go die, her estranged spouse claimed.

Jack Chen outlined more information on alleged disturbing behavior by wife Yue Emily Yu in a statement to the court seeking a restraining order against her Friday. He could be also seeking a divorce after being married for a decade.

When Emily gets frustrated and yells at the kids, shell commonly work with a Chinese phrase that means go die! She also says to the kids, your head includes a problem, your mind is sick, go fk yourself, f-ing idiot, stupid ahole, and obtain the fk out of my way, Chen wrote in the court document obtained by The Post.

Yu was arrested Thursday after she was accused of attempting to poison her husband by putting Drano in his hot lemonade on multiple occasions. Chen apparently caught Yu in the act on video utilizing a nanny cam, based on the court papers.

Snapshots are from video footage collected by husband Jack Chen, who set up a nanny cam in the kitchen that captured Yu allegedly putting Drano in his drink at least three times in July
A snapshot from video was collected by husband Jack Chen, who create a nanny cam in your kitchen that captured Yu allegedly putting Drano in his drink at the very least 3 x in July.

No charges have already been filed yet in the event, though Chen was granted a temporary restrainingorder against his wife.

Chen, who’s a radiologist, said he and his wife met in 2011 and married on July 4, 2012. But his wifes behavior became concerning after their two children were born in 2013 and 2014, he said. Yus mother, Yuqin Amy Gu, also joined in the alleged verbal and physical abuse, he added.

Daily I’d be insulted by Amy saying I become a thug and I dont become a guy. Emily would call me a f-ing ahole along with other insults, he said.

As soon as two-years-old Emily and Amy were verbally and physically abusive to [our son and daughter] which intensified because they grew older, he said. They’re both verbally and physically abusive if you ask me.

Photos of suspect Yue Yu allegedly putting Drano in her husband's drink.
Chens attorney said they suspect his wifes behavior have been going on for months.

A few of the alleged abuse toward the couples kids includes Yu spanking her daughter when she was 3-years-old after she wet the bed and hitting her son when he was only 2-years-old on his head and arms, Chen said.

Yu even deprived the kids, now 8 and 7, of sleep should they visited bed before she wanted them to, Chen alleged.

Once the kids drift off without permission, even though after 11: 00 p.m. she’d wake them up, demand that [they] head to her room, shut the entranceway and make sure they are cry, he said. By the end sometimes she’d tell the youngsters to obtain out and slam the entranceway in it, making them cry outside her door.

Chen said the kids couldnt even show affection toward him without Yu screaming at them. His daughter wont even play tennis with her father or have a photo with him for concern with Yus explosive temper, he added.

Photos of suspect Yue Yu allegedly putting Drano in her husband's drink.
Yus attorney told has denied all claims of his clients alleged abuse.

The kids have little connection with friends or other family, Chen said.

Our kids learned Emilys rule is everything, he said. I’m ignored rather than recognized as a member of family.

Yu transferred the kids out of 1 school in 2021 following a teacher questioned if their son had ADHD, Chen said. Once the son began beating up other students at the brand new school, Gu, the mother-in-law, explained the bad behavior away as him having high energy, he said.

If they go back home Amy yells at them, calls them stupid, and demands [our son] develop better excuses for his bad behavior, Chen said.

Once the daughter was practicing the piano, Yu would relentlessly call her fking stupid.

Dr. Yue
Yu, 45, is associated with Providence Mission Hospital, which issued a statement noting her arrest while saying staffers were cooperating with authorities.

Finally, [our daughter] cried and told Emily she cant say fing. Chen alleged. Emily hit [our daughter] on the arm informed her she was is fing stupid!

Amy came over and told [our daughter] there are several words that only adults rather than kids can say, so Emily is to do what she actually is doing.

So when the son played the piano, Yu was once so unhappy she yelled at him and called him a fing idiot! Chen said. She yelled so loud therefore near [our son] that she was spitting on him and made him cry.

If both siblings ever express their feelings or say they’re sad, Emily and Amy will yell at them saying you’re so ugly, you appear to be a pig or tell [our son] you’re a sissy, Chen said.

Yus attorney told The Post his client denied poisoning her husband or abusing him and her children.

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