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I Cured My Mouse Shoulder Pain With a fresh Keyboard

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For a long time I had pain in my own shoulder from extended hours logged at the computer, but I fixed it by switching keyboards. It worked for me personally, and I am hoping it works for you personally too.

WHAT’S Mouse Shoulder Pain?

When people consider workplace injuries, they often take into account the dramatic ones like severe injury from a major accident with machinery or such. But also for many individuals whose jobs entail doing small movements again and again, injuries more regularly take the proper execution of repetitive stress injury (RSI).

You wind up with shoulder pain not as you blew out your rotator cuff but as you had poor posture and ergonomics at your workstation. And also once you do your very best to pay focus on ergonomics, sometimes you still end up getting a problem on your own hands.

Thats the problem I came across myself in with a nagging and persistent shoulder pain, a kind of pain Id later learn is named mouse shoulder due to how extended and poorly-optimized mouse usage results in the pain.

As the pain is commonly multifacetedpeople experience from a stabbing sensation in the ball of the shoulder to general tension and tenderness in the shoulder all together to neck stiffness and headachesits the stabbing pain that always makes a lot of people go something is wrong with my shoulder.

That stabbing pain in leading of the shoulder which feels as though it is via slightly below the anterior deltoid is normally due to irritation of the bicep tendon. Its not the deltoid that hurts if so, its the very best of the bicep and the related tendon that passes beneath the deltoid.

Although there are a number of factors that may donate to mouse shoulder, including how high or low your desk (or keyboard tray) sits relatively to the body, just how long (and how actively) you utilize your mouse each day, and so forth, there’s one very overlooked factor that it took me much too long to zero in on.

While I cant promise what worked for me personally is wonderful for you, it really is my genuine hope that lots of people scanning this article will see relief for his or her nagging computer-induced shoulder pain exactly the same way I did so.

Why This Common Keyboard Causes Shoulder Pain

Through the years, I made a number of adjustments to my workstation ergonomics in a bid to ease whatever was causing my shoulder pain.

First, I switched from the regular mouse to a trackball mouse which did, actually, help reduce the pain. By moving my hand, arm, and shoulder lesswith a trackball, the mouse is stationary and you also merely move your thumb or fingersthe degree to that your shoulder was irritated decreased.

There are a great number of great ergonomic mice available, but Im a lifelong devotee to the type of Logitech trackball mice just like the Logitech MX Ergo.

From then on, I added an adjustable keyboard tray therefore i could type and utilize the mouse with a poor tilt to alleviate pressure on my wrists (and hopefully my shoulder too). Again, that helped (it had been ideal for my wrists!), nonetheless it merely reduced the pain just a little.

I even mixed in an extremely comfortable and adjustable Steelcase Leap chair therefore i could ensure my arms were supported at the correct height. The chair became probably the most comfortable office chair Id ever owned and helped in so many ways, nonetheless it wasnt the silver bullet for the shoulder issue.

The other day, almost entirely unintentionally, I discovered a pain-free solution to utilize the mouse. I had bumped the keyboard to the left-hand side (Im right-handed), and the mouse was nearer to the centerline of my own body. I realized there is no twinge-y pain in my own shoulder. It had been still sore, nonetheless it was residual soreness rather than fresh irritation from utilizing the mouse at that time.

The only real problem was, now, the keyboard was so hopelessly off center that there is no way for me personally to utilize the mouse in the less painful location and in addition type on the keyboard without contorting my own body in a manner that was just likely to cause new pain someplace else.

The keyboard I hadthe same keyboard thousands of people all over the world haveis what as referred to as a full-sized, 100%, or 104-key key pad. Full-sized keyboards have the typical group of letters, numbers, and basic keys, in addition to the home key and arrow cluster and a whole calculator-like number pad on the finish. Giant keyboards have already been the typical format for over forty years.

The everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach results in a board width of around 18 inches. The length from the biggest market of the house row finger placement (the gap between your G and the H key) to the edge of the board eventually ends up being around 13 inches.

With those distances, practically, the closest an individual utilizing a standard right-hand-side number pad 104-key keyboard will get their right-hand-side mouse to the biggest market of the keyboard is just about 16-20 inches based on if they used a trackball or standard mouse and just how much space they have to utilize it.

Because of this, a lot of people using this type of large keyboard are forced to cock their arm from the centerline of these body by approximately 10-15 degrees. That doesnt look like much, however the ideal angle will be zero degrees out of alignment, together with your arm situated in a neutral position 90 degrees in accordance with the plane of one’s torso. The further you rotate your arm from the centerline, the more pressure and discomfort you are feeling in your shoulder with all the mouse.

So thousands of people all over the world are employing a keyboard setup that forces them to carry their arm out at a slightly over-extended angle that significantly increases their potential for computer-related injury and pain.

Switching to a Tenkeyless Board Banished My Pain

Weve discussed what can cause mouse shoulder. Weve discussed how the most people round the worldmyself included, for most yearsare utilizing a really wide keyboard that isnt ergonomic. Whats the answer?

The perfect solution is would be to ditch the quantity pad and swap your bulky 104-key full-size keyboard for a shortened model, referred to as a tenkeyless keyboard or 87-key keyboard.

A tenkeyless keyboard is 80% the width of a 104-key keyboard and is actually exactly the same design atlanta divorce attorneys regard except the missing number pad. Dropping the quantity pad reduces along the board by about 4 inches and enables you to pull the mouse in tighter. Pulling the mouse in tighter relieves any risk of strain on your own shoulder.

It sounds too good to be true, but after years of exactly the same persistent shoulder pain when I switched from the full-size keyboard to a tenkeyless keyboard, my pain vanished.

I didnt get physical therapy, do any fancy stretches or exercises, or anything beyond switching to a keyboard that allowed me to go my trackball mouse in tighter and decrease the angle of extension from that 10-15 degrees right down to similar to 0-3 degrees. What shocked me probably the most was that the pain resolved itself almost immediately. Within days of earning the adjustment, it went away rather than returned.

Now while Ive spent each one of these years banging away on a WASD Code Keyboard, you dont need to fork out $150+ for a tenkeyless keyboardthough I’ve nothing but good stuff to say concerning the Code.

There are many really affordable tenkeyless mechanical keyboards in the marketplace at under $100, just like the HyperX Alloy Origins or the incredibly budget-friendly Redragon K552. I’d do not have thought a mechanical keyboard under $40 will be worth it, however the K522 is a good value.

At this time, you couldnt pay me to return to utilizing a full-size board. EASILY really needed lots pad, Id sooner buy a detachable one and figure out how to utilize it with my left hand instead of get back to having persistent shoulder pain. And hopefully, after scanning this, youll give tenkeyless keyboards the opportunity and enjoy exactly the same shoulder-pain free experience too.

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