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I Never Visit the SUPERMARKET Without These Reusable Cotton Produce Bags

That is RECOMMEND, a column focused on what folks in the meals industry are enthusiastic about eating, drinking, and purchasing at this time.

A reusable tote is definitely front and center in my own bike basket on the path to the farmers market or in my own cart at the supermarket. But just when Im feeling great about saving a tree, Ill be faced with the best produce quandary: How do you get yourself a pound of mushrooms and twelve limes to checkout without needing those plastic bags that dangle such as a roll of wc paper? I started searching for a solution, and thats when I came across Grove Collaborative reusable cotton produce bags.

This pack includes six bags in three sizes, therefore i can fit that big couple of kale in to the large one and stuff like lemons in small ones. It keeps me organized when i feel the aisles. Various other reusable bags have finicky zippers, however the drawstring closure on Grove Co.s bags keeps items secure and allows you to transport multiple bags at the same time. Each bag also offers just a little tag announcing its tare weight in order that I dont get charged extra during checkout.

Once Im home any vegetables and fruits that require to be refrigerated are stored right in the bags. Unlike single-use plastic produce bags, the breathable cotton wont accelerate ripening or turn your green beans to mush in two days. So when Ive left a zucchini in the bag for a touch too long, I could just pop the bag in to the washer.

You can find plenty of reusable produce bags on the marketand lots of greenwashing. But Grove Collaborative appears like an organization that’s looking to do things right. Based on the company, theyre currently 100% plastic-neutral, plus they pledge to be plastic-free by 2025. While I’m uncertain my household will undoubtedly be completely plastic-free in 3 years, these produce bags are bringing me one step closer.

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