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I want that one iPhone 14 Pro feature above all else

Weve been discussing the iPhone 14 Pros pill-and-hole design throughout the year. Which means weve had time and energy to get accustomed to the upcoming new display cutout design for nearly per year. But a number of last-minute iPhone 14 Pro leaks revealed Apples plans to merge the pill-shaped cutout with the circular one.

The resulting notch replacement can be an elongated pill cutout, much like what various Android vendors did in the years that followed the iPhone X launch. Knowing that, I still hope that Apple will let users customize the pill cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro. Because without a doubt right now, I love the asymmetrical i-shaped cutouts greater than just one single elongated pill.

Reports this week said that Apple use the display space between your pill and hole-punch cutouts showing camera and microphone indicators. However when the privacy indicators arent used, the display space between your pill and the hole-punch will supposedly stay black. The effect is really a longer pill-shaped cutout that needs to be about so long as the iPhone 13 notch.

This can supply the iPhone 14 Pro a symmetrical design, similar to the notch. And, similar to the notch, the elongated pill is a great marketing tool. Everybody will recognize this long pill and associate it with the iPhone.

Having said that, theres beauty in asymmetry.

Renders showing the iPhone 14 Pro's new pill-shaped notch, privacy indicators, and new Camera app UI.
Renders showing the iPhone 14 Pros new pill-shaped notch, privacy indicators, and new Camera app UI. Image source: 9to5Mac

Hole-punch cutouts don’t need to be placed centrally. Weve seen that on various Android phones recently. And I really do just like the horizontal i form of the rumored pill-and-hole iPhone 14 Pro display cutouts a lot more than the elongated pill that leaked this week.

Knowing that, Id certainly want to have the ability to customize the appearance of the notch replacement from the iPhone 14s settings. That’s, I want the choice to show on the tiny display area between your pill and hole-punch cutouts. The display area could still show the privacy indicators whenever the camera or microphone is used.

In the end, Apple has been a lot more available to customization on iPhone. iOS 16s main feature is really a Lock Screen redesign thats about making the iPhone experience unique. You may also change the default browser and mail apps on your own iPhone. And you could customize the Safari experience by choosing your selected Safari Address Bar placement.

To be able to change up the appearance of the iPhone 14 Pros new notch replacement would belong to an identical category.

Having said that, its unlikely that Apple would do that. Along with housing the facial skin ID components, the notch design provides iPhone its unique identity. Its section of the branding. Apple may likely want every iPhone 14 Pro model in circulation to really have the same design.

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