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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Becomes Newest Person in OMLOX

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Asset Agent, an RTLS-based productivity-boosting solution, supports the open and interoperable industry 4.0 standard and interconnects with state-of-the-art manufacturing software.

Carrying out a clear strategy towards open software interconnectivity, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS joined forces with OMLOX, a residential area based around open manufacturing software standards. Prominent partners of the network are companies like AWS, Siemens and Trumpf.

In relation to Industry 4.0, open and interoperable standards for real-time locating are essential. Omlox can be an ecosystem of providers and solutions, making industrial locating accessible. Beneath the open standard, various locating technologies (like UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5G, RFID, and BLE) could be easily connected. Omlox enables hardware and software from different manufacturers to be interoperable.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Asset Agent is really a highly scalable, simple treatment for boost productivity in non-conveyor belt mass production processes while keeping the flexibleness of production islands minus the frustrations of manual processes. The answer is made to integrate into every IT landscape via standard APIs and becomes a fundamental element of manufacturing operations.

Asset Agent identifies the right material through the entire production process and eliminates the idle time and waste due to incorrect deliveries. Possible delays are reduced to zero by gaining real-time visibility (RTLS Real-time location systems) of each single material in a production process with unmatched scalability. The wireless solution constantly connects the physical location of most products to a central server. It offers valuable assist with the workforce to accomplish their job right without needing training. With Asset Agent, theres no dependence on high CAPEX investments like automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated guided carts (AGCs), or fully automated factories; it really is intended to standardise your processes while staying flexible.

The primary great things about locating technologies include fully automated processes, digital tracking of orders, goods, tools and vehicles, complete process analysis and optimisation, and reduced costs.

Omlox is setting a fresh benchmark in Industry 4.0: It really is an open standard for an accurate real-time indoor locating system providing open interfaces for an interoperable locating system. It enables various industries to employ a single infrastructure with different applications from different providers without buying new machinery or infrastructure. On the other hand, it creates a retrofit the very best cost-efficient substitute for reach Industry 4.0 standards.

In times of disrupted global supply chains and high costs of recycleables, process optimisation and automation of factories are a highly effective technique to counter the existing challenges:

With this industry-leading system Asset Agent, we’re able to improve productivity in tyre manufacturing plants by a lot more than 5%. Optimising visibility of the complete process chain saved a great deal of rubber likely to be wasted. It is a substantial improvement with a minimal investment. Moreover, it demonstrates the strengths of RTLS and open standards like Omlox, says Christian Aadal, Product Manager of Asset Agent at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS.

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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG was founded in 1999 in Lustenau, Austria. The business has branches in Australia, the united states, Norway, Germany and a sales office in the uk. This is a leading global provider of innovative, wireless localisation answers to improve efficiency and safety in rough and particularly challenging industrial environments. The industry-leading digital solutions are employed in the fields of oil & gas, container ports, mining & tunnelling in addition to in the smart factory / Industry 4.0 sector.

About Identec Solutions

At IDENTEC SOLUTIONS we have been engineering suggestions to improve efficiency in the Industrial Internet of Things. Our wireless solutions keep people safe, make teams are better, deliver valuable insights and eliminate wastefulness even yet in harsh environments. Thats why the worlds biggest & most productive ports, mines, energy operators, automotive suppliers and carmakers trust us to greatly help them better utilise the resources they will have.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is headquartered in Austria with regional offices in Australia, the united states, Norway, and Germany and sales representatives in the united kingdom.

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