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IG Model Gena Tew Gets Vision Partially Restored After AIDS Diagnosis

IG MODEL GENA TEW Slowly Getting Vision Back … BECAUSE OF Surgery After AIDS Diagnosis

8/21/2022 1: 00 AM PT

IG model Gena Tew has hope in her fight AIDS, regaining a few of the vision she lost after her diagnosis as she pushes to remain alive.

Gena tells TMZ … she underwent an effective procedure on her behalf eyes Thursday in Memphis. Tew says prior to the surgery she was totally blind in her left eye, but she’s already in a position to see some shapes … with hopes her vision will continue steadily to improve.

Tew tells us at her sickest, she dropped to a shocking 65 pounds, but is slowly putting weight back on because of her medication and doctors.

Gena tells us when she first got diagnosed, she didn’t feel she had the fight in her to call home, convinced she’d soon be dead. However, with her recent progress, she tells us she’s not quitting. Gena says she’s hopeful she can live an excellent life provided that she can stick to top of her meds and doctor visits.

TikTok / @genatew2

You’ll remember, whenever we first talked to Gena months ago, she told us she was hesitant in sharing her story … however now, she really wants to become a beacon of expect other teenagers fighting AIDS.

Gena tells us that she actually is still receiving a great deal of support from others online .. including a donation from singer Ari Lennox … via her GoFundMe.

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