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IMMORTALITY From Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) Has Been Delayed on iOS and Android, ERA Date Coming SOON

Late last month, Netflix revealed that Sam Barlows new game, IMMORTALITY, will undoubtedly be released on August 30th on iOS and Android through Netflix. Alongside the mobile version, publisher Half Mermaid would release it on PC and Xbox platforms including Xbox Game Pass. With just hours to choose the games release, Half Mermaid confirmed that the iOS and Android versions of IMMORTALITY have already been delayed to guarantee the greatest experience for players. It’ll be coming soon though, the Tweet continues on to verify. The Xbox and Steam versions will arrive today. Watch the IMMORTALITY announcement trailer below:

If youve not played Sam Barlows prior releases, have a look at Her Story and Telling Lies ($6.99). This new FMV experience that is getting great reviews almost over the board is approximately Marissa Marcel who made three movies. These movies werent released and she’s disappeared. I was looking towards checking it from iPad, but will now be playing it on Xbox Series X or Steam Deck later tonight before Netflix version hits the App Store. It is possible to wishlist the overall game on Steam here. Once Half Mermaid announces a release date for mobile, we shall post about any of it. Searching forward to playing IMMORTALITY when it releases on mobile?

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