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Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Analysis from September 22

Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Analysis from September 22

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Sami Callihan, Moose and Steve Maclin will enter Barbed Wire Massacre Friday night at Victory Road, but Thursday on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, the combatants signed the contract for his or her high-profile main event.

    That segment headlined a show that also featured a Ladder Match for the Digital Media Championship between Bhupinder Gujjar and Brian Myers not forgetting probably the most unique cards in recent Impact memory.

Ladder Match for the Digital Media Championship: Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Brian Myers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The rivalry between Brian Myers and Bhupinder Gujjar over who’s the rightful Digital Media champion culminated Thursday night on AXS TV with a high-stakes ladder match.

    Myers seized control early by blocking his opponent’s Gargoyle Spear. Later, he thwarted another attempt at the move, employing a well-placed ladder to soak up the blow rather than crashing in to the mat.

    Gujjar, his face bloodied following what were a broken nose, showed guts and determination as he fought through his veteran opponent’s determined attack. It had been for naught, though, as Myers taped his feet to a ladder, preventing him from advancing up it.

    The self-proclaimed “Most Professional Wrestler” did that, though, and retrieved the title for the win.

    This is a solid opener that proved Gujjar’s toughness. A, blue-chip athlete, he survived what looked to be always a nasty gash or broken nose, not forgetting a powerbomb on a ladder that needed driven the air out of him, and remained in the fight completely to the tainted finish that saw him robbed of victory by way of a cerebral, underhanded Myers.

    This seems to have settled the rivalry, nonetheless it wouldn’t normally be surprising if Gujjar still were able to take the title from Myersthat, or he undergoes a heel turn based solely out of mountain frustration.


    Myers defeated Gujjar



    Top Moments

  • Myers delivered a release powerbomb onto a ladder that were propped through to the steel steps.

  • Myers taped Gujjar’s feet to the ladder, preventing him from further climbing up the ladder.
  • Backstage, Heath, Josh Alexander and Rich Swann discussed last week’s show, and the former revealed his plans to challenge any person in Honor FORGET ABOUT in a street fight.

Jordynne Grace vs. Zicky Dice

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    What started being an innocent enough backstage confrontation ended painfully for Zicky Dice as he endured a short, punishing attack as a result of Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace, who had no trouble putting him away promptly.

    If the idea of the was to prove Grace does not have any problem beating those larger than her, it worked.

    Otherwise, this is so short and did nothing to essentially benefit either competitor in virtually any measurable way that it’s difficult to totally realize why it would have to be booked with this show.


    Grace defeated Dice



    Top Moments

  • Grace battered Dice with open-hand strikes and a spinning back elbow following opening bell.
  • A pre-taped video package, having a voiceover from the fantastic Father James Mitchell, put over Grace’s opponent at Victory Road: “The Nonbinary Nightmare,” Max The Impaler.

Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel vs. Mia Yim

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    In a preview of the upcoming Triple Threat Revolver Match at Victory Road, Alex Zayne, Laredo Kid, Black Taurus, Trey Miguel and Mia Yim battled within an intergender five-way match.

    An action-packed match highlighted the talent involved while giving Taurus a much-needed victory through his Destination Hellhole finisher.

    As a preview of the Triple Threat Revolver, this is fine, but you have to question booking this match to market another multiperson match filled with massively talented wrestlers without real direction to talk about.

    Which has been a trademark of the X-Division, but that will not mean it really is still not just a glaring issue with that one section of the roster that persists some 2 decades following its advent.


    Taurus defeated Miguel, Kid, Zayn and Yim



    Top Moments

  • Yim destroyed your competition with a senton at ringside, an area that really will not seem sensible given the truth that they easily may have caught her. It had been an awesome spot that allow underrated wrestler shine, though.
  • Tom Hannifan described Black Taurus’ finisher as “Destination Hellhole,” in fact it is instantly the very best name in every of pro wrestling.
  • Eric Young and Deaner beat down Violent By Design recruits while an admittedly cool version of “Amazing Grace” played over it.

Heath’s Open Challenge

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Heath continued his personal vendetta against Honor FORGET ABOUT this week by issuing an open challenge for a Street Fight. PCO seemed to accept as he entered the Impact Zone, limited to his teammates to avoid him on his solution to the squared circle.

    The French-Canadian Frankenstein still accepted the fight despite attempts by Eddie Edwards to talk him down, and a brawl was underway. An enormous bump off the stage and onto several dozen chairs cannot keep carefully the grizzled veteran down as he fought his in the past to the ring, launching chairs at Heath as he went.

    Those same weapons proved his downfall as a missed senton onto them allowed Heath to recuperate and deliver the Wake-Up Demand the win.

    Someone should speak to PCO about taking the bumps he is. PCO is really a respected veteran, and what he does in the ring for a man of his age and size is remarkable, but he could be one big bump from serious injury, and there have been several instances in that one when which could have happened.

    The match was an entertaining enough brawl and continued two ongoing stories (Heath’s feud with HNM and the faction’s mounting distrust in PCO), so that it worked for the reason that regard.


    Heath pinned PCO



    Top Moments

  • PCO took an enormous bump right into a bed of steel chairs after Heath launched him off the Impact stage.
  • The monster-like heel applied a mandible claw to Heath and then miss a Swanton Bomb and crash on another pile of chairs in the ring.

No. 1 Contender’s Match: Aussie Open vs. Motor City Machine Guns

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Aussie Open, Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis, continued their guest-starring role in Impact Wrestling, battling the Motor City Machine Guns’ Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley in a modern-day dream match of sorts.

    The heels dominated a lot of the action, isolating Shelley from his partner and preventing a tag for an excellent chunk of the contest. A little bit of separation and a hot tag to Sabin sparked a comeback for the highly decorated Impact tandem.

    Aussie Open settled down and regained control, resulting in a dramatic near-fall carrying out a cutter that has been just barely split up by Shelley.

    The babyfaces, and future Impact Hall of Famers, fought back and delivered Skull and Bones to cash their ticket to Bound For Glory and a match with Matt Taven and Mike Bennett for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

    The thought of the MCMGs and Aussie Open was a mighty appealing one in some recoverable format. The execution lived around expectations, with the competitors delivering strong performances and exhibiting some very nice in-ring chemistry for just two teams that hadn’t done battle on a significant card before.

    The proper team went over and, following a year of reminding fans of these greatness and just why they stand on the list of greatest teams in company history, it might be time and energy to put the titles on Sabin and Shelley one final time.


    The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Aussie Open



    Top Moments

  • Backstage, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans became popular searching for Killer Kelly, limited to the latter to disappear and for Kelly to challenge her Victory Road opponent to “play.”

Contract Signing for Victory Road

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Scott D’Amore introduced Moose, Steve Maclin and Sami Callihan because of this Hold Harmless Contract Signing before Friday’s Barbed Wire Massacre match at Victory Road.

    Moose and Maclin bickered over who has seen and done worse within their lives before Callihan emerged from the locker room. More brief verbal backwards and forwards gave solution to a brawl.

    The babyface absorbed the attack of his Victory Road opponents before dropping them each, then wiping blood from his forehead and “signing” the contract in a reasonably impressive visual to summary the go-home bout of Impact Wrestling.

    Friday’s match really must be the final time these three remain one another for just a little. This feels as though it has lasted a long time, probably because we’ve already seen a Monster’s Ball match between Callihan and Moose.

    Adding Maclin to the mix will undoubtedly be huge for him and his main event aspirations, but this feels as though a feud which has run its course and limped along to access Friday’s main event.



    Top Moments

  • Moose suggested being in a war is nothing in comparison to being in the ring with him. While that could be a good promo line, it had been also a fairly bold statement.
  • “Both of you made a blunder by not realizing The Death Machine is really a master of puppets,” Callihan said, admitting his plan worked because he’s got Maclin and Moose at each other’s throats.
  • Callihan produced a pen wrapped in barbed wire in a fairly cool spot.
  • The babyface signed the contract in their own blood to close the show out.

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