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Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Reaction, Highlights and Analysis from September 1

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    Masha Slamovich sought to keep her meteoric rise against Deonna Purrazzo/Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Masha Slamovich dominated your competition on the way to Thursday’s show on AXS TV and main event date with “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo.

    With a go at the Knockouts Championship shared, both battled within an intensely physical contest that tested the young star’s capability to compete against the very best the business provides.

    That match headlined a show that also featured new tag team champions crowned and a significant announcement from future Hall of Famer Mickie James.

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The battle for tag team supremacy kicked off Thursday’s show because the Good Brothers’ Doc Gallows and Machine Gun Karl Anderson defended the Impact World Tag Team Championship against Honor No More’s Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.

    The challengers, known collectively as OGK, isolated Anderson from his partner, beating him down and working him over within their corner of the ring because they sought another tag team reign in just one more promotion.

    A much-needed tag to Gallows sparked a comeback for the champions, but an alert Bennett split up a near-fall to save lots of his team’s championship aspirations. From there, he sent Gallows in to the ring steps, crotched Anderson onto the very best rope, and joined Taven in delivering the Proton Pack to the device Gun for the win and titles.

    This is an excellent, hard-fought match that got the titles off the departing Good Brothers and onto a team in Bennett and Taven who probably must have had them much sooner. That the heels won relatively cleanly and minus the interference of Maria Kanellis made the results that a lot more effective.

    An excellent, newsworthy begin to the show that the announcers and production team treated such as a big deal and for that reason got the OGK’s reign off to a hot start.


    Bennett and Taven defeated THE NICE Brothers to win the titles



    Top Moments

  • Honor FORGET ABOUT celebrated its first title win until Eddie Edwards again questioned PCO’s commitment to the group. Vincent again defended his monster and the segment ended with the team still united. Vincent’s defense of PCO remains among the great, understated stories in wrestling, and their eventual split from Honor FORGET ABOUT can make for an excellent moment and hopefully propel them to success as a tag team.

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Barred from ringside through the tag team title match because of prior stipulation, Honor No More’s Maria Kanellis accompanied Kenny King to the squared circle for his shot at Speedball Mike Bailey’s X-Division Championship.

    She’d prove the difference in the contest. Roughly it seemed.

    A competitive match found a head with King stacking Bailey up, grabbing Kanellis’ hands and scoring the win and title via underhanded means. The initial referee ordered the match restarted, though, and Bailey outwrestled King for the victory and successful title defense.

    This is an excellent tease of an Honor FORGET ABOUT takeover by using a second championship victory. Some alert officials and a resilient Bailey resisted, though, and foiled the group’s attempts to obtain more gold so soon after the OGK’s triumph in the opener.

    It’ll be interesting to see if this puts Speedball in the Ring of Honor alum’s proverbial crosshairs in the weeks ahead.


    Bailey defeated King to wthhold the title



    Top Moments

  • King delivered a wicked overhead exploder suplex that sent Bailey back-first in to the ring apron.
  • Matthew Rehwoldt rightly remarked that there is absolutely no instant replay in wrestling and called into question the official’s decision to restart the match. Might that play right into a potential rematch?

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Amid speculation that Mickie James could be saying goodbye to professional wrestling, the four-time Knockouts champion hit the ring to handle the Impact Wrestling faithful.

    Teary-eyed, she recapped a tumultuous last 2 yrs in the market and appeared poised to announce the final outcome of her wrestling career. Instead, she refused to venture out being an afterthought. She vowed to prove she belonged by chasing the Knockouts Championship, and when she loses only once, she actually is done.

    This is some very nice stuff from James, who channeled the correct emotions and had the fans in the arena and watching in the home committed to the story she was telling.

    We realize from past instances that is really a storyline that works. Ric Flair famously put his career at risk in search of greatness one final time back 2008, culminating with a heartbreaking WrestleMania 24 match with Shawn Michaels.

    If executed correctly, James can further establish herself among the greatest women’s wrestlers ever while captivating audiences and providing Impact a money match for just one of its premiere pay-per-view events.

    Imagine James needing to overcome the unstoppable Masha Slamovich to perform her goal. Consider what beating her and ending her career means to the unbeatable force.

    Whatever this final run appears like, this was an excellent segment to kick it off.



    Top Moments

  • A tearful James recalled the fans inspiring her to come back to Impact.
  • “I split up with my longest relationship, my longest love of my entire life, which is professional wrestling.”
  • “All I needed was to create it better for women,” James said of her dreams over her 24-year career.
  • “I’m not retiring. Not tonight. Nothing like this. Not at this time.”
  • “I’m not requesting a Knockouts World Championship. I would like to earn it.”
  • “EASILY lose in this journey, easily lose that shot at the Knockouts Championship, that’s it. This is actually the Last Rodeo,” James said, setting the stage for just one last run.

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Another challenger for Speedball Mike Bailey’s X-Division Championship was determined as Alex Zayne battled Mascara Dorada in singles competition. Neither was a direct effect regular, creating intrigue and unpredictability surrounding the eventual winner.

    Zayne controlled a lot of the match, even dropping a leg over the back of Dorada’s head. The high-flying luchador fought his in the past in to the match, though, and delivered a somersault plancha off the very best rope to wipe his opponent out.

    Late in the match, Zayne sprinted over the ring, launched himself right into a headscissors and brought Dorada off the very best rope. The Baja Blast followed, but Dorada kicked out at two.

    The former Lucha House Party and WWE competitor recovered and put Zayne away moments later to earn a go at the title.

    For a match between two guys who either hadn’t competed in the Impact ring before or, in Zayne’s case, had limited appearances for the promotion, this is an uber-competitive match that had the fans invested late.

    Either man could have made an excellent opponent for Bailey, but given the truth that Zayne shared the ring with Speedball back at Slammiversary in the best X Match, a brand new pairing with Dorada was most likely the most suitable choice.


    Dorada defeated Zayne



    Top Moments

  • Backstage, Impact EVP Scott D’Amore granted Heath a match against Eddie Edwards. The Redhead Rebel then confronted world champion Josh Alexander, who teased dissension between your two of these.
  • Elsewhere, Aussie Open’s Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis found its way to Impact, cutting a promo with Gia Miller. Several feet away, the arguing between Moose and Steve Maclin continued.

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo could have entered the primary event of Thursday’s show as one-half of the Knockouts tag team champions and something of the very most decorated women’s wrestlers of the final five years, but she found herself over the ring from probably the most dominant force in every of Impact Wrestling, the unstoppable Masha Slamovich.

    Purrazzo provided Slamovich the toughest test of her young Impact career up to now, thanks in large part to interference from VXT teammate Chelsea Green. She had more success contrary to the young competitor than any Knockout had compared to that point, both taking her off her feet and outmaneuvering her on several occasion.

    She trapped Slamovich in the Fujiwara armbar, but she escaped. The Russian-born competitor delivered an Air Raid Crash in to the corner that scored her a near-fall. Green again interfered, providing a distraction that allowed Purrazzo to provide the Queen’s Gambit.

    Slamovich kicked from it and sat up as though she was a monster rejuvenated. She fought from the armbar again, leveled Green and delivered the Snowplow to earn her solution to Bound For Glory and a go at Jordynne Grace’s Knockouts Championship.

    Any questions about Slamovich’s capability to excel at another level after months of squash matches were silenced in that one. She hung with among the best wrestlers on earth, countered or reversed everything The Virutosa threw at her, survived multiple attempts by Green to improve the results and beat her opponent clean in the heart of the ring.

    This is an announcement to the wrestling world that not merely is Slamovich a star into the future, but she actually is about to function as star of today’s for Impact’s Knockouts division. A performance such as this, against a measuring stick in the market, is proof that it’s the proper call.


    Slamovich defeated Purrazzo to become No. 1 contender



    Top Moments

  • Purrazzo delivered a hurricanrana in early stages, setting the tone for that which was ahead.
  • The intensity on the faces of both women through the armbar by Purrazzo put on the high stakes in that one.
  • Following the match, Knockouts champion Grace made her solution to the ring and delivered a so-called “death warrant” to Slamovich, in the same way her new No. 1 contender had done repeatedly to all of those other division. The staredown to close the show made the match feel just like the big deal it had been and set the stage for just one of the very most anticipated bouts of the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

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