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In accordance with Danny Trejo, fried chicken belongs in your quesadilla


Everything we learned from the actor and restauranteur

Published August 16, 2022 5: 15PM (EDT)

(Bobbi Lin / Food52)

This story first appeared on Food52, an network that provides you all you need for a happier kitchen and home which means tested recipes, a shop filled with beautiful products, a cooking hotline, and everything among!

You may know him from movies like “Machete”and “Bad Ass,” but nowadays, you’re in the same way more likely to find Danny Trejo in your kitchen of 1 of his LA restaurants as on a movie set. Actually, it had been at one of these brilliant restaurants Trejo’s Tacosin Santa Monica, California, to be precise that the actor,cookbook author, and restaurateur walked listeners through his way for making Pollo Frito Quesadillas on the most recent bout of Food52’s podcast, “Play Me a Recipe.” Described by Trejo as “mouthwatering,” these quesadillas aren’t your average after-school snack they come filled with super-crispy fried chicken, slaw created from green cabbage and chipotle crema, fresh chiles, and cheese.

Some tips about what we learned cooking with Danny Trejo:

  1. First of all: Fried chicken belongs as much in a quesadilla since it does on a waffle with maple syrup. “This fried chicken is delicious alone, however when we pair it with salsa and load it right into a quesadilla, it is a whole other degree of delicious,” says Trejo.

  2. Salting your chicken 30 minutes ahead of dredging and frying creates a light curing effect, “[making] the meat a lot more flavorful.” This system, much like a dry-brine, also ensures a moist, juicy final product. (But, in a pinch, anyleftover fried chickenwill continue to work equally well just make certain it’s roughly chopped ahead of assembly.)

  3. If you want spicy chicken, introduce multiple resources of heat. To supply “a small amount of kick” in this recipe, Trejo seasons the fried chicken dredge with cayenne pepper, plus garlic and onion powders, dried oregano, and sweet paprika. Then, he loads the quesadilla with spicy, chipotle crema and thinly-sliced serrano chiles.

  4. For building the quesadilla, Trejo emphasizes the significance of earning sure each component is “evenly spread” to make sure a balanced mixture of fried chicken, cabbage slaw, chiles, and cheese in each bite.

To listen to more from Danny Trejo, browse thelatest bout of our podcast, “Play Me a Recipe.” Or, you will find the entire recipe for Trejo’s Tacos’ Pollo Frito Quesadilla below.

Recipe:Danny Trejo’s Pollo Frito Quesadilla (Fried Chicken Quesadilla)

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