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In accordance with Science, YOU AREN’T exactly the same Person After HAVING A BABY

Welcoming anewborn in to the family isone ofthe most joyful moments for parents. Even though new dads are confronted with somany new responsibilities, moms face a lot more changes intheir lives. Infact, women after and during childbirth change tothe point they are not similar person anymore.

This intriguedus atBright Side, sowedecided todig deeper and discover how many other things anew mother experiences.

Pregnancy and motherhood might change the structure ofthe female brain.

These changes make mothers more mindful oftheir babies and better atcaring for them. According tonew research, this isbecause ofthe drastic hormonal fluctuation that occurs during pregnancy, birth, and lactation. This may remodel the feminine brain producing structural changes insome regions and increasing the size ofneurons inothers.

Motherhood also improves memory and learning.

Its acommon thing that ifyou cant find something inthe house, your mother surely knows where itis. And itturns out, its not because they’re know italls. Research shows that the combination ofthe experience ofpregnancy and birth and pregnancy hormones actually improves the mothers ability tomemorize and learn new things more easily.

Your genetic background also changes.

In2015, itwas found that while awoman ispregnant, cells (with adifferent genetic background) from the fetus enter and spread through the entire womans body. The study was done onsamples of26women who was simply pregnant with male babies, and the presence ofY chromosomes inall ofthem were detected. This isactually strong proof you are literally not similar person after having a baby.

Reddit users shared the way the mothers oftheir children changed after having a baby.

  • Assoon aswehad our first, she was the happiestI have ever seen her. You can just see itinher eyes that she was doing what she had always wanted todo. Our relationship was great before our kids, however now that wehave2, things honestly are better still.tmuhgeee/ Reddit
  • The only real significant differenceI really can put afinger onisahuge reduction inher willingness totake risks. For instance, pre-babies she was upfor skydiving. Post babies, thats anunnecessary risk, and the reward isnot worth taking.stockds/ Reddit
  • There is aperiod oftime when mywife worked ajob and fought toeven escape ofbed. When our daughter joinedus, mywife litup. She found apurpose and areason toget upinthe morning. She could have thought she’d beapoor mother, but shes been fantastic. Icouldnt behappier with her, more proud, and much more inlove.lcpldaemon/ Reddit
  • Her entire personality changed. She became intensely materialistic and enthusiastic about shopping and owning things.nigglereddit/ Reddit
  • Probably the most prominent change inher personality was confidence and anincrease inself-reliance. Asshe explainedit, prior tothe baby itwas like she was the main one inthe household tobeprotected, and the infant came, and she was like, Get your stuff together girl, youre awoman with achild. Mother Bear Mode Level 9000. ReverendDizzle/ Reddit

What changes did you have after having a baby?

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