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In photos: A summer of drought and fire

Wildfires, droughts, and extreme heat waves are raging through Europe, North America, SOUTH USA, the Middle East and Asia once we head into heat of fall.

The picture as a whole: A heat wave and coinciding drought in China haven’t any precedent in modern weather records, given the heat’s severity and duration.

Alaska, Siberia and also London have all seen wildfires.

  • Severe droughts also have whiplashed into floods in the Southwest and Central U.S., with the dry soil resulting in flash flooding, because it cannot absorb high degrees of rainfall.
  • At the very least six 1,000-year rainstorms struck the U.S. inside a month, from Dallas to Kentucky to Death Valley, Calif., causing deadly flash flooding.
  • Climate change studies show that hydrological extremes at both ends of the spectrum heavy precipitation and drought will tend to be more prevalent and intense because the world warms.

Through the lens: These photos show the true life impact of increasing temperatures worldwide.

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