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In the event that you had to mention a probe for Uranus, what can you call it?

Uranus always appears to be the butt of the joke, but this icy planet is in fact one which scientists desire to dive deeper into later on. In fact, most are already pushing for more missions to probe Uranus and find out about the earth. Thats why some people, just like the people behind Twitter account @ExploreIGO, want to push for missions by creating a Uranus probe name.

A planet by any name

uranus hanging in spaceImage source: NASA, ESA, A. Simon, and M.H. Wong and A. Hsu

If we were discussing a mission to Venus or Mercury, wed oftimes be considering a slew of much more serious names. But, because were discussing Uranus, asking the web to create a probe name is approximately as silly as asking the web to mention a boat. As you might expect, the names ranged from silly to funny, and to downright ridiculous. Lets look at a number of them.

Obviously, as youd expect, most of the names proposed by the web include some type of joke. Names like Operation Butt Plug, Prostate Exam, and also A.N.U.S. (Advanced New Uranus Space Mission) appeared on the list. But, would NASA actually name a Uranus probe something so silly? Its honestly unlikely.

But that didnt stop folks from suggesting them because the Uranus probes name. Other funny names for the brand new probe included Charmin, Deep Dive, and also P.O.O.P. (Planetary Orbital Observation Probe), and a vintage, Seymore Butts.

So far as real names go, though, the list will be a lot longer than you imagine. Folks recommended naming the Uranus probe things such as Olympus, Odin, as well as M.U.S.E. for Mission Uranus Science Expedition. Some names, like Lassel, Kuiper, and Earhart, demand the Uranus probe to be named after iconic historical figures and astronomers.

Regardless of what name they choose, though, probing Uranus is really a high priority for scientists at this time. And, if we are able to find out more about this original planet, it might help us better understand the others of our universe.

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