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In Washington, Honesty Is This type of Lonely Word


A popular game of politicians, when reality will not conform to the reality they want, would be to simply redefine reality.

Democrats want big government, plenty of spending and taxation, the former which we have been now spending money on in inflation, therefore the new strategy of Democrats would be to now declare that spending and taxes reduce inflation.

We’ve the Senate moving legislation with a cost tag of $433 billion in new spending and $327 billion in new taxes, and its own called the Inflation Reduction Act.

Its like McDonalds serving up a fresh Big Mac with an increase of beef, more cheese, and much more sauce, and calling it the Weight Watchers Special.

Our president and Congress are imploding in the polls, and what we get from their website are word games.

A commonly accepted definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of economic contraction.

The Commerce Department just reported that the U.S. economy contracted 0.9 percent in the next quarter. This follows a contraction of just one 1.6 percent in the initial quarter.


Our president says no chance. Our Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, who apologized recently to be wrong this past year, denying that inflation was coming, held what the press called a rare stand-alone news conference at the Treasury Department, to make sure us we have been not in a recession.

Its similar to comedian Groucho Marx, who quipped, That are you likely to believeme or your personal eyes?

On an identical note, the home has passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which now will undoubtedly be considered in the Senate.

The Respect for Marriage Act would codify into federal law the legality of same-sex marriage.

That is in a reaction to an email by Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas in his concurrent opinion in the recent Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, suggesting that the Obergefell decision, where the court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, ought to be readdressed.

How come this called the Respect for Marriage Act rather than called the Redefine Marriage Act?

Its simply more of the Washington word-game culture, which we have now see in government spending and taxing suddenly being about reducing inflation, and consecutive quarters of economic contraction definitely not being about recession.

To call this legislation the Redefine Marriage Act will be honest, something simply unusual in Washington.

It is necessary for same-sex marriage advocates to call this the Respect for Marriage Act, because this shows that, for all those few thousand years where no-one questioned that marriage is between a guy and woman, we disrespected marriage.

Now, inside our new enlightened age, we understand the fact marriage includes vows between people of exactly the same sex, and therefore we have now respect this sacred institution.

A recently available NY Times poll indicated just 13 percent of Americans are pleased with how things ‘re going inside our country.

Its not this type of great surprise. Why are Americans so dissatisfied?

Billy Joel had popular song years back called Honesty.

Honesty is this type of lonely word / Many people are so untrue / Honesty is seldom heard / And mostly what I want from you.

Once we transfer to elections of these chaotic times, we would recall what of 1 of the nations founders, Thomas Paine, who observed, We’ve it in your capacity to begin around the world again.

Those that aspire for political office and power might consider that lots of on the list of 87 percent that are not happy with this country today and where they view it headed, understand that truths existtruths where an excellent nation was builtand despair how they will have disappeared inside our public life.

Leaders who’ve the courage in all honesty, despite how challenging this could be now, will awaken lots of souls inside our nation who recall and miss better days.

Views expressed in this post will be the opinions of the writer , nor necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Star Parker


Star Parker may be the founder and president of the guts for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) and host of the brand new weekly news talk show Cure America with Star Parker.

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