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Indictment of Michael Cohen reported to be imminent as Trump fixer ponders cooperating with prosecutors

PresidentDonald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen is likely to lose his current legal defense team and strike a deal to cooperate with federal prosecutors that are investigating him, in accordance with new reports Wednesday.

Cohen, who worked for Trump in a variety of capacitiesbefore he was president and contains been dubbed as Trump’s “fixer,“has been under criminal investigationforhis suspect business dealings.

The investigation and potential criminal charges have placed Cohenunderintense pressure in the Southern District of NY, while Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his separate investigationinto Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen’s current attorneys, Todd Harrison and Stephen Ryan, aren’t likely to represent him continue in the pending criminal probe in NEW YORK,in accordance withABC News. Harrison and Ryanwork for the brand new York and Washington firm McDermott, Will & Emery LLP.An upgraded counsel has reportedly not yet been identified.

The Wall Street JournalconfirmedHarrison’s and Ryan’s departures while also noting thatCohen is looking for a fresh criminal defense attorney, specifically one with closelinks to the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Sources acquainted with the mattertold the Journal thatCohen have not yet decided whether to cooperate with federal investigators. But ABC News said chances are thatTrump’s “fixer”will cooperate.

A source near Cohen alsoconfirmed to NBC News Cohen’s expected split from Ryan and Harrison and his intend to hire a fresh lawyer. NBCnoted that it’s unknown whetherCohen’s split from Ryan and Harrisonpoints to a big change in legal strategy or future cooperationwith federal prosecutors.

Thenewscomesa day after reports in Vanity Fair and the NY Daily News that Cohen has been telling friends he expects to be arrested any day now. Cohen denied the claims to Vanity Fair, writing in a text, “Your alleged source is wrong!” He’s got not been charged.

A source told theNew York Daily News thatCohen fears he willsoon be indicted and arrested.

Lawyers have already been poring over 3.7 million documents seized, reportedly regarding suspected bank and wire fraud and campaignfinance violations within an FBI raid of Cohen’s home and office in Manhattan on April 9.

Cohen, nowapparently without lawyer, will probably begincooperating with federal prosecutors in NY, sources told ABC News. This development, whichABC News says islikely to be imminent, isa newindicationthat Cohen will probably flipagainstTrump.

CNN reports that Cohen hasnot yetmet with prosecutors to discussa potentialdeal.

Following the FBI raidedCohen’s properties, Trumpfired back by tweeting, “Attorney-client privilege is dead!”

The presidentalso told reporters at the White House that thefederal raid against his “fixer,” which hecompared to a break-in, was a “disgraceful situation.”

“It’s an attack on our country, in a genuine sense. It’s an attack on all we are a symbol of,” Trump said throughout a ending up in top military personnel at the White House. “That’s really now on a complete new degree of unfairness.”

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