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Indonesia records first case of monkeypox virus

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Indonesia has recorded its first case of monkeypox in a 27-year-old man who returned from travelling overseas, the country’s health ministry said on Saturday.

THE PLANET Health Organization designated the outbreak of the herpes virus a crisis last monthsomething it reserves for diseases of highest concern.

Indonesian spokesperson Mohammad Syahril said the individual had a “high awareness and understanding of the condition”.

“When he got the outward symptoms, he immediately checked it (with) the physician. The effect came (back) positive inside a day,” Syahril told reporters, adding that the person was now in isolation in capital Jakarta.

Outward indications of monkeypoxwhich is endemic in elements of Central and Western Africainclude lesions, fever, muscle ache and chills. It has only been fatal in rare circumstances.

The individual found its way to Indonesia on August 8 and developed outward indications of fever and rashes seven days later.

The ministry spokesperson declined to recognize the united states from where in fact the man had travelled to Indonesia.

Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, Singapore has confirmed greater than a dozen cases and the Philippines and Thailand also have recorded their first cases. AMERICA has recorded a large number of cases.

As opposed to previous outbreaks in Africa, the herpes virus is predominantly spread from intimate contactthough it isn’t a std.

THE UNITED STATES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says other routes may also be possible, including sharing bedding, clothing, and prolonged face-to-face contact.

THE PLANET Health Organization on Wednesday needed people infected with monkeypox in order to avoid exposing animals to the herpes virus carrying out a first reported case of human-to-dog transmission.

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