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Inside Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry’s TikTok-Favorite Love Story

Miles Teller’s Grandma Hyping Him Up as Next James Bond

Miles Teller recently found anugget of wisdom on Twitter.

“In case a woman asks you in the event that you notice anything different about her, you then say, ‘Yes, baby, I’m constantly amazed at your beauty,'” the actorshared on the May 12 bout of Barstool Sports’Starting 9 podcast.

He admitted he hadn’t yet tried it from his wife, Keleigh Sperry, whoat enough time have been asking her husband what he considered the dresses she was picking outfor the many stops on hisTop Gun: Maverick presstour.But Teller had confidence that, “should you choose it with sincerity,” this type of line can work.

Since it works out, he thought allthe dresses looked great (“I don’t believe I’m the very best person to require that”) and sincerely thinks Sperry is drop-dead gorgeous regardless of what she wears. The “girl of my dreams,” he called herwhen marking their second loved-one’s birthday last September. (They’re celebrating 3 years Sept. 1)

And he’s not too shabby in her eyes, either. Actually, who’s president of the Teller Thirst Trap TikTok Club that sprang upin honor of his briefbut momentous shirtless scene in theTop Gunsequel?

Paramount Pictures

“We are all team rooster here, thirst on,” Sperry captioned her very own video montage of behind-the-scenes (i.e. from their actual lives) footage of Teller taking her breath away, punctuating the sentiment with a diamond-ring-on-finger emoji.


She’s been sporting the real thing since Teller popped the questionin 2017 after four years together, the couple having struck a resonant chord with one another if they first met ata party for rock duo The Black Keys in-may 2013.

“Keleigh had caught my eye early in the night time, and we talked,” Teller recalled to Voguein September 2019. “I didn’t think it went well, but following a few more attempts, I acquired her to dance with me, and seven days later, we continued a date. Directly after we met, I knew she was the main one.”


Sperry (whose first name is pronounced like “Kelly,” for the record) remembered her husband to be being “so charming and charismatic.I adored him from the initial moment we met.”

She also might have been inspired to become listed on Instagram that very night, her initial pic a go with Teller plus some other friends from May 3, 2013.


Teller had just started creating a name for himself in films such as for example theheartbreakingRabbit Hole,the remake of Footloose,and the teen drama The Spectacular Nowwhen he met Sperry, therefore the model from Orange County, Calif., has experienced everything with him, from the original rise to the… ongoing rise.

Speaking withVanity Fairin 2016, Tellerreferred to onelow point, a movie he politely wouldn’t name, as”the only real time my girlfriend’s ever seen me say, ‘My career has ended.'”

Only 1 time?That is clearly a pretty darn good background in Hollywood! Though there was that point anEsquirewriterdeemed him “sort of a dick” in a 2015 profile, a headline-making turn of phrase thattrailed him for an excellent while.

“I do not let that stuff affect my daily,” he told Vanity Fair. “I’m not the type of person to Google myself, because you will discover whatever you are considering. If you need to read a thing that says you’re the best actor that ever lived, in order to find a thing that is pretty hurtful, its.”

Teller acknowledged toThe Guardianin August 2016, however, he felt “extremely misrepresented” and “just a little angry” by that characterization. “For the average indivdual, they are scanning this article, they haven’t met you, they’re like, ‘Oh Miles can be an a–hole. You didn’t hear it? You didn’t read that Esquire? Yeah, she said he was an a–holehe should be!'”

Fast-forward to 2020 and the devoted Philadelphiasports fan said on the Feb. 11 bout of Pardon My Takethat itwas“annoying how somebody will come up and say something, and for those who have no idea you, yeah, it sort of soils your name a bit. I believe reputation is essential. But, you understand, it’s all good.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

AlthoughEsquirearticle didn’t make reference to Sperry by name, she was mentioned because the actor’s”model/aspiring swimsuit designer/professional girlfriend who thinks Teller is of interest enough to possess permanently monogrammed her perfect ass along with his initials.”

Not forgetting great enough to invest her life with.

“Happy anniversary my booshki,” Sperry captioned her celebratory ‘gram poston the second anniversary, “uncertain how exactly to put 8 years into 10 photos but I really like you forever more thanks to be a stud of a husband, I enjoy you.”

Anyway, so by enough time Teller was wowing audiences along with his acting and drumming in the critically acclaimedWhiplash (that’s also really him playing piano inTop Gun: Maverick),making theDivergenttrilogy withBFFShailene Woodleyand otherwiseachieving household namestatus, he was long since spoken for.

Sperry’s Instagram page was, and remains, a testament totheir idyllic-looking life together, Teller even today still only on Twitter (though he doestweet the occasional Sperry photo). “Loving the Rooster love! Miles says many thanks to everyone who has seen the film and he shares in this moment with you,” she posted June 4to Instagram on her behalf husband’s behalf.

“She has an extremely active Instagram account so people can easily see where I’m at. Probably an excessive amount of,” Teller joked to E! News in March 2015. “What exactly are you likely to do? I’m not likely to stop traveling because she likes Instagram.”


But really, the actor shared, “She’s lovely. It has been pretty easy because at this time, her full-time gig is sort of being with me and before her, I’d never invite a woman into that world because I didn’t think I possibly could have both.She’s allowed me in order to really concentrate on acting and do what I wish to do. She will come to create and visit me and go out and doesn’t really distract me as a result.”

And in the event there is any doubt about how exactly serious these were, before their first-ever Oscars together in February 2015, Keleigh’s father, Rand Sperry,called into Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM show to provide the then-E! host a heads-up that his daughter will be Teller’s date that weekend.

“He’s an extremely proud, proud dad of you and incredibly proud girlfriend’s dad for you personally,” Seacrest told the coupleoutside the Dolby Theaterduring E!’s live pre-show.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“He previously all his facts down, and knew just how many nominations [Whiplash]had and everything,” Teller offered, “and…yeah, it had been just funny if you ask me.”

While hisfame was still burgeoning, he and Sperry could actually like a fairly private courtship, an actor already down for the countnever making quite as much headlines because the ones that are participating in the field.But ultimately a long-term love story may be the kind with a whole lot ofadorableanecdotes.

Such as for example when he tweetedin April 2016 he was dating “the main one person who hasn’t seenTitanic.”

“She’ll ask me to accomplish something, I’ll say, ‘What?’ and she’ll say, ‘For the final father-f–king time, is it possible to grab me, the da-da-da,'” Teller shared on Starting 9. “After all, she’s a sweetheart, she just loves quoting J.K. Simmons if you ask me.”

So when Sperry isn’t making Teller relive the terror of Simmons’ Oscar-winning turn as his ruthlessly demanding music teacher inWhiplash, she’s still helpinghis life run as smoothly as you possibly can.

“I’m with her now from when I awaken to as soon as I go to sleep,” Teller told Men’s Healthin2020after months of pandemic-mandated residing at home. “We’ve lots of friends whose relationships got put under a magnifier of these times, but we have been really great. As soon as you get married and you also make that ultimate commitment, life is a lot less stressful. You merely understand that person is definitely likely to be there.”

Sometimes quite literally, as Sperryenjoys packing up and going on location with Tellerwhenever possible. At thetime of this interview, the couple were headed to Australia for just two months so Teller could shoot the sci-fi thrillerSpiderheadwith Chris Hemsworth,which premiered on Netflixthis summer.

Simultaneously, Teller acknowledgedonStarting 9, “there is a certain comfort you have together with your wife” that’s not always conducive to immersing one’s self in a job, like the soldier experiencing PTSD he played in 2017’sMANY THANKS for the Service, so sometimesSperry won’t join him on set immediately.

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

“Hey, you obtain comfortable, and I believe for me personally, whenever I’m too comfortable, even those times among, just like the days of filming, I have no idea if it’s an excellent place for me personally,” Teller explained. “I believe…I have to be out of my safe place with it.”

Buthe doesn’t do the staying-in-character-all-the-time thing, he added, noting, “I could transform it off when I go back home.”

And Teller can’t help but be comfortable in the home (and not simply because Sperry bought him a fancy Toto toilet with bidet and air-drying functions for Christmas twelve months, the acknowledgment of one’s partner’s bodily processes the definition of comfort).

Tellerreflected on the dynamic in early stages,tellingEllein 2014he felt the main element to asuccessful relationshipgoing by his grandparents’ 50-year unionwas, “Respect the individual you’re with. My philosophy is, if I’m not happier when I’m with you, then there is no reason behind me to be with you. I’m happy by myself.”

Andit sounded like Sperry was on a single page.

“We’ll FaceTime and she’ll drop and visit me on set,” Teller said. “There’s times a text is suitable. Other times you should talk on the telephone. The issue with people texting constantly is that when you’re texting somebody everything you’re doing during the day, there is no catch-up. It removes the recap. I believe that’s important.”

He put a deposit down on foreverin2017, investing in a ring and toting it with him when he and Sperrytraveled to the Seychelleswhere he purposely did notask her to marry himbecause he figuredshe was expecting a proposal on the beachand he wished to surprise her just as much as possibleand South Africa that August.

“On safari, our jeep would stop for coffee each morning,” SperrytoldVogue. “We stopped for the usual coffee break, and Miles and I were consuming the view when I spotted a rose on a tree. I was surprised to visit a rose in the center of winter in Africa, therefore i walked over and found an email mounted on the rose having said that your day we started dating and your day it had been.”

“I turned around,” she continued, “and he read it and said, ‘That was the initial day you became my girlfriend now may be the last,’ and he got down using one knee. It had been so thoughtful and romantic.”


She didn’t are the part where she thought something tragichad happened, assuming the flower was for memorial purposes.

“I had our guide early each morning tie a rose to a tree, [and we] walked around this nice scenic vista having coffee,” Tellershared on Live With Kelly and Ryanin October 2017. “She viewed and saw a rose and thought somebody had died.”

Happily, the one thing thatpassed was their non-engaged status, May 11, 2013-Aug. 20, 2017, R.I.P.


In hindsight,”I have no idea easily would recommend it,” Teller quipped of his safari proposal to Jimmy FallononThe Tonight Show. “It had been beautiful and everything, but…You understand, it’s like we’re doing sort of an engagement shoot as our game guide is, like, putting down his gun for another and searching, and we’re attempting to take photos, and there’s elephants to arrive.”

But, he added, Sperry “watchesThe Bacheloretteand stuff, so she felt like she had won…She had your final rose.” (Allow it be known, Teller said they’re bothBachelor Nation fans.)


To celebrate their engagement,proud dad Rand Sperry, who’son the advisoryboard of the clean water nonprofit Wells of Life that Keleigh spent some time working with for a long time,had among the organization’s new wells in Ugandadedicated in the couple’s name, “to commemorate your day they promised to love one another forever,” the plaque read.

Sperry gathered her squad, including her sisters and pal Nina Dobrev, for a May 2019 bachelorette party in Miamimatching hot pink shirts, white baseball caps, a boat, etc.while Teller said farewell to his bachelor status at the PalmsCasino Resort in NEVADA that July, kicking the weekend off at a steak dinner along with his future in-laws before he and his friends hit the hotel’s nightclub and private pool.

“The club presented him with a Top Gun-themed presentation that included a miniature fighter jet and go-go dancers along with his name spelled in over-sized letters,” an insider told Page Six of the festivities, also sharing that it remained”strictly a guys’ weekend.”

As the couple are keen on beachy destinations generally (where there’s water, sand and a striking vista, there they’re) Teller and Sperry chose Maui because of their nuptials, the actor having turn into a regular on the annual Sperry family getaways to the Hawaiian island.

“Miles started joining us on vacations, and we fell deeply in love with it together,” the bride told Vogue. “Both of us felt happiest there and wanted it to become a big section of our lives forever.”


They got married on Sept. 1, 2019, at a Catholic church, following a vows with awaterfront reception at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Hotel.

Teller wore a suit created by Hedi Slimane for Celine, while Sperry chose custom Monique Lhuillier, attempting to “keep it elegant and classic since our ceremony was in a church, but I also wanted there to become a light feel to the dress,” she explained. She wore exactly the same necklace that belonged to her mom that her sisters had also worn on the wedding days.

Sperry became Katie May party dress after saying “I really do” and the newlyweds had their first dance to Vince Gill‘s “EASILY Didn’t PERHAPS YOU HAVE.”


A couple of months later, rather than gearing up for that which was said to be the big 2020 premiere ofTop Gun: Maverick, the pandemic shut everything down for months, therefore the jet-setting couple stayed home for a big change, cooking dinner together and maintaining their nest.

“Keleigh and I both done our backyard and did some landscaping,” Teller told Men’s Healthlater that year. “We planted a lemon tree, hydrangeas, and a rose garden. Since we were looking at our backyard much more than usual, we wished to add color.”

Of the unexpected time faraway from work, he added, “I’m not just one of those individuals who be worried about if people don’t see me every half a year. I don’t feel just like my career is dying. It will happen when it happens and that is fine.”


A lot of signs of life in the universe since that time. After makingSpiderheadin Australia,Teller shot the making-of-The-Godfather seriesThe Offer, now streaming on Paramount+, and he and Sperry appeared together as groom and bride in her friend Taylor Swift‘s video for “I Bet YOU SEE Me (Taylor’s Version),” directed by Blake Lively. (Swift couldn’t make their real wedding in 2019, but did send flowers.)

Teller and Sperry also famously attended the Kentucky Derby and spent amount of time in Hawaii last summer with Woodley and her then-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, Sperry’s Instagram briefly serving because the center of theuniverse for inquiring minds. Thewhole Sperry family reunitedin paradise for Keleigh’s 29th birthday in October, andNina Dobrev and boyfriend Shaun White were on the list of revelers who joined the celebration for Teller’s 35th in February.

On the list of other indications that Mr. and Mrs. Teller’s honeymoon phase is ongoing, thecouple also were able to squeezein a vacation to Bora Borabefore theTop Gun: Maverickpress tourfinally got underway.


Meanwhile, theexcitement had continued to create for the big release, Teller having told Men’s Journalwhenever a 2021 premiere was still the program, “I could see it 2-3 weeks ago. The movie just blew me away, and my partner said, ‘That may be the very best film I’ve ever seen.’ She was crying multiple times.”

No word on whether tears were shed when Top Gun: Maverickwas delayed just as before, to May 2022. But since it proved, the wait was worthwhile, fromthe five-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival to the royal premierewith Prince Williamand Kate Middletonin London and the record Memorial Day weekend opening box office of $160 million.

And Teller was right. Most of his wife’s dresses looked good.

This story was initially published on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 5 a.m. PT.

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