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Instagram Model ASSOCIATED WITH Numerous Celebs Says She Nearly Died From AIDS After Going Untested FOR NEARLY TEN YEARS

An Instagram model who has been associated with numerous celebrities nearly died from AIDS after going untested for nearly a decade, in accordance with a recently available TikTok video.

Gena Tew, who has been spotted during the past with famous brands Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Chief Keef, spoke about her experiences in a video posted on Monday, telling her followers that she doesnt know when or how she contracted the herpes virus but noted her doctor said it needed experienced her system for at the very least eight to a decade.

Hadnt Been Tested In 8-10 Years, Nearly Died From THE HERPES VIRUS

She also revealed she hadnt gotten tested throughout that entire time frame, and only got tested after the symptoms became noticeably debilitating.


#answer to @mantonioyo how did i get aids.. well #fyp #aids #letstalk #naturalhair

original sound Gena Tew

Tew did hesitantly admit that she have been raped many times when she was homeless and surviving in NEW YORK, and hinted at that being the likely reason behind her infection.

The heavily inked IG model added that she had also received several free tattoos, with the blood-borne illness known to be spread through needles.

Could it have already been a dirty needle? I dont know. Do I understand those individuals? No. Did I say anything when those ideas happened? No. Because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young.


I miss walking.. #aids #fyp #disaabled #crippled

NEVER REALLY HAD the opportunity Katherine Li

Weight Dropped To 65 Pounds, Lost CAPABILITY TO Walk And Blinded IN A SINGLE Eye

The 27-year-old also said she lost plenty of weight from the herpes virus, at one point getting right down to only 65 pounds. She had to endure physical therapy merely to get her body back to serviceable shape, she said.

Predicated on her age, she will need to have contracted AIDS between your ages of 17 and 19, in accordance with her doctors assessment.

I acquired so weak in the initial days of knowing I had AIDS I possibly could barely focus and strained to talk, she captioned a video, which showed her looking gaunt in a hospital bed.

She also lost sight in a single eye and the capability to walk because of the virus, however with physical therapy she’s since regained mobility on her behalf own.


I acquired so weak in the initial days of knowing I had aids..I possibly could barely focuse and attained to talk..#fyp #aids #sick #weak #speakup

original sound Gena Tew

Modeling, Singing Career Sidelined BECAUSE OF Virus

Tew modeled for The Cover magazine back 2015, and is particularly a singer by trade. Shes covered such songs as Adeles Hello and released a rendition of Alina Barazs Electric Song in early 2018.

The Brooklyn based model, whos known on her behalf distinctive throat tattoo, had previously booked big gigs with retailer Dolls Kill, in accordance with a 2018 profile by Inked Magazine.

Those thinking about getting tested for AIDS and HIV must locate testing centers nationwidehere.

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