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Instagram will test extra-tall photos to go with Reels

Instagram will soon allow users to create 9: 16 photos with their feed within a test the business plans to attempt in weekly or two. The tidbit of news arrived of Adam Mosseris weekly Q&A. You could have tall videos, nevertheless, you cannot have tall photos on Instagram, the executive said. So we thought maybe we ought to ensure that we treat either.

While its already possible to talk about 9: 16 photos through Instagram, you need to do so through the apps Stories feature, meaning those images will go away if you don’t save them as a Highlight. Currently, vertical photos you post to your feed will top out at 8: 10 so long as you crop them correctly.

The timing of the test employs Mosseri recently announced Instagram would walk back its unpopular full-screen interface. The business have been testing the redesign since mid-June, and then discover that a lot of people didnt enjoy it. For the brand new feed designs, folks are frustrated and the usage data isnt great, Mosseri told Platformer the other day. Being among the most vocal detractors of the redesign were photographers who found the brand new interface would overlay captions along with their images, obscuring section of their work along the way. Instagrams latest test indicate the business still intends to go towards a far more TikTok-like experience.

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