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Intel teases Arc A750 performance with new benchmarks

Intel revealed the Arc A750 performance benchmarks this week in a post. The post details the way the upcoming Intel card comes even close to Nvidias RTX 3060 in almost 50 DirectX 12 and Vulkan games. Overall, the card delivers some intriguing benchmarks and performance stats. However, Intel created these benchmarks, plus they usually do not portray the A750s everyday performance.

Intel Arc A750 performance teased in new gaming benchmarks

Intels Arc series GPUs have already been off to a rough start. Up to now, the business has only released a few of the less powerful variants of its lineup. And, with Nvidia and AMD reportedly gearing around drop a fresh generation of cards, Intel must start wowing people who have results. As a start, Intel has dropped Arc A750 performance results for the GPU in almost 50 games.

As the Arc A750 is intended to endure the more budget-friendly Nvidia 3060, the benchmarks here closely compare both in both 1080P and 1440P gaming. The 3060 is in no way a negative card, either, though those searching for more future-proof systems would want to hold out for the upcoming 40 series to drop within the next couple of months.

So far as comparisons go, though, the Arc A750 appears to be an excellent fit for individuals who want the performance of a 3060 without needing to fight for just one. Though, stock isnt as tricky to find as it was previously. In both 1080P and 1440P, the Arc A750 saw performance nearly the same as or sometimes much better than the RTX 3060.

Getting a tipping point

Intel Arc A750 performance benchmarksImage source: Intel

Seeing similar performance between your two is good, especially after how low of performance results weve seen from the other Arc cards Intel has released so far. But, is that performance sufficient to earn Intel an area in your rig? Thats a question youll need to consider. Sure, the Arc A750s performance seems decent for what it really is, but you can find other questions too.

Firstly, so how exactly does the purchase price and option of the A750 compare to the RTX 3060? You might also need to check out the program and features that all card offers, too. If the A750 is missing important features and options that the 3060 offers with Nvidias software, then gamers will naturally lean towards the old.

Intel includes a possiblity to shake things up in the graphics card market. These Arc A750 performance stats are simply a stepping stone to how well the cards do in real life. We still have to see what price were considering and what features theyre missing at release.

In the end, they are Intel-controlled results. Well still have to wait to see what sort of individual benchmark results we see when folks strat to get their practical the Arc A750 later this season.

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