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Internet Backs Woman Picking Same Baby Name as Cousin’s Child

A woman’s intend to give her son exactly the same name as her cousin’s child has been praised online.

In a viral post shared on the Am I The Ahole group on Reddit, which may be seen here, user Anonymaus1679 explained their naming dilemma.

The Reddit user said that she and her husband both loved the name Mark and planned to utilize it in case of having a boy.

But despite knowing this, her sister said that she’d call her son Mark, developing a small drama in the household following the poster became pregnant.

Stock image of a woman and child
Stock image of a female and child. The kid is set to really have the same name as her cousin’s child.Getty

As the name Mark is proving to be popular in the household, the name didn’t make it in to the top 100 boys’ names in 2021.

Based on the U.S. Social Security Administration, the very best 10 names in 2021 were, to be able: Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, James, William, Benjamin, Lucas, Henry and Theodore.

The Reddit user said: “We were annoyed and reminded her of our naming intentions and informed her that we wouldn’t normally be changing our minds if we were to truly have a son.

“She decided to at the very least avoid calling him Mark (that was a lie, ironically she started calling him a little before I started trying for a child).”

The Reddit user added: “I’m now pregnant with a boy and I really like my little nephew but my name choice have not changed.

“She actually is absolutely livid and regardless of the family had known concerning the name drama, many of them are pressuring us to improve our minds.

“We did make an effort to think about alternates but no other name feels tight.”

Since being shared on Sunday, August 28, the post has raked in 8,600 upvotes plus some 1,400 comments.

The majority of those commenters praised the mother-to-be for going ahead with the name and shared examples where in fact the same name was found in their very own family.

One Reddit user, who’s comment was upvoted some 11,000 times, said: “NTA. Name your son or daughter any name you want. Even if these were close it wouldn’t be uncommon for just two cousins to really have the same name.

“In my own family, my cousin gets the first name as my buddy. In my own wife’s family, there are many cousins with exactly the same first name. If so, this is a grandfather’s first name. N my brother’s only a coincidence. Nobody ever made a concern about any of it.”

Another added: “Same cousin names have become common in my own family. We have a tendency to differentiate by saying Big Adam or Little Adam or my Ben or Aunty’s Ben simply for convenience but we likewise have some names which are repeated over several generations so each includes a particular nickname like this and everybody knows who have been are discussing.

“I assume it is possible to just call nephew Marcus constantly and hopefully once your Mark occurs it’ll catch on.”

A third posted: “There’s so many Johns in my own mom’s side, we make reference to them by John – ‘middle name’ when they’re blood-related and ‘John – last name’ if they are family by marriage. If anyone cares, they haven’t mentioned [it]. I likewise have a member of family named Dawn, who married a man called Donnie.”

Newsweek has contacted Anonymaus1679 for comment.

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