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Internet sleuths want to solve a baffling mystery concerning this Apple TV Plus release

As a fan of spy movies and Television shows like Tehran and Slow Horses on Apple TV Plus, I naturally was excited by the news headlines that Apple in addition has paid a significant chunk of change to create Argylle a lavish, star-studded spy movie to its streamer, sometime in 2023.

The cast for the movie, predicated on a forthcoming book of exactly the same name, includes pop superstar Dua Lipa, and also The Witchers Henry Cavill. Well also see Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryan Cranston, Catherine OHara, John Cena, and Samuel L. Jackson in the movie, that is apparently in regards to a novelist whod once been a superspy and who now is suffering from amnesia.

I say apparently, because heres finished .. Theres a fairly strange mystery surrounding this movie and its own source material. Long story short, no pun intended, what the iPhone maker bought this is actually the rights to produce a $200 million Apple TV Plus movie out of a novel from 1) a first-time author named Elly Conway with 2) minimal presence of any sort online. Also it gets even weirder.

Argylle Apple TV Plus movie mystery

Along with Apple spending an enormous amount of cash to adapt something from the super-mysterious, first-time writer who barely includes a digital footprint, beyond 4) a clear Instagram account without posts and that follows nobody (@authorellyconway) the book that Argylle is founded on wont even be published until next year. Actually, this Apple TV Plus deal was reportedly made on the effectiveness of 5) simply a draft manuscript.

New spy thriller #Argylle stars Henry Cavill, @DUALIPA, @JohnCena, @BryceDHoward, @BryanCranston, and @SamuelLJackson. Just around the corner to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ (@AppleTVPlus) March 8, 2022

That book was actually said to be published this month (September 29). But thats been delayed to March 30, in accordance with The Hollywood Reporter. Even though theres no Amazon website landing page for the book yet, there is one for a German-language Kindle edition. It lists the publication date, at the very least for that Kindle edition, as January 10.

Beyond the Instagram account above, the only real other facts which are easily available online about Elly Conway are the following:

Theres a two-sentence biography available via Argylles publisher, Penguin Random House: Elly Conway may be the writer of the heavily anticipated debut thriller, Argylle. She lives in america and happens to be working on another installment in the series. That page also lists these publication date, of March 30, 2023.

Conways IMDb credits likewise incorporate an added movie, along with Argylle. Her IMDb page, which describes Argylle as currently in post-production, also appears to identify Conway as a design assistant for a 2024 movie thats in pre-production Its The Fall Guy, from John Wick director David Leitch and starring Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling. (see on your own).

What we can say for certain

Naturally, the web has some theories. But lets first recap what we can say for certain for certain concerning the film.

The films director Matthew Vaughn (of the Kingsman movies and X-Men: HIGH GRADE) praised the draft manuscript when Apple first announced Argylle. When I read this early draft manuscript I felt it had been probably the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Flemings books of the 50s, he said at that time. This is likely to reinvent the spy genre.

At Apples Peek Performance event in March of the year, meanwhile, the business also released a blink-and-youd-miss-it snippet of footage from Argylle, within an Apple TV Plus sizzle reel. Youll think it is at round the 3: 20 mark in the YouTube video embedded below:

Probably the most interesting theories about all of this online is that Conway is truly a pseudonym for a creator having an established background, which feels as though a better reason why Apple TV Plus would get behind a project such as this, from the first-time writer, in that big way.

J.K. Rowling being Elly Conway is among the juiciest suppositions thats being mentioned in light of most this on Twitter and Reddit. A conclusion I certainly cant fault people for arriving at, especially since shes written under a pseudonym before. Another prevailing theory, though, is that is all some type of marketing stunt.

Or, even, that some type of nepotism has been disguised with this particular whole charade. That theory calls in your thoughts a Hollywood Reporter investigation, from 2017, in to the mystery of Rebecca Blunt, the author of director Steven Soderberghs movie Logan Lucky. Since it turns out, there is absolutely no such person around and the piece pointed to the one and only Soderberghs wife because the likely author of Logan Lucky. Hopefully, Apple will get rid of the mystery here soon, a proven way or another.

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