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Inventing Anna Nabs Netflix a Defamation Suit From PEOPLE Ex-Bestie

In the immortal words of Inventing Annas consummate glam-scam artist, You understand me. Everyone understands me. And when everyone understands Anna Delvey/Sorokins name, then everyone understands the name of her onetime friend, Rachel Williamsmuch to the consternation of the real-life Williams, who on Monday filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix over her portrayal.

Williams, a former Vanity Fair photo editor, was embroiled in Sorokins web of lies to the tune of $62,000 of her savings, as she painstakingly detailed in a 2018 essay about their friendship-gone-bad. (Her essay dropped per month prior to the NY magazine story that directly inspired Inventing Anna was published.) In her new suit, filed in Delaware federal court and first flagged by The Hollywood Reporter, Williams argued that Netflix made the conscious choice to distort her character.

This step will show that Netflix made a deliberate decision for dramatic purposes showing Williams doing or saying things in the Series which portray her as a greedy, snobbish, disloyal, dishonest, cowardly, manipulative and opportunistic person, the suit reads.

In a statement to The Daily Beast on Monday, (the true) Anna Sorokin simply said: Truth hurts.

In accordance with Williams, her onscreen counterpartportrayed by Scandal alum Katie Lowesis a freeloading, backstabbing witch who turns on Sorokin (Julia Garner) throughout a sojourn to Morocco, once the fraudster shows signs to be in dire financial straits. The truth is, Williams insisted in her suit, shed ended the partnership after time for NY and discovering Sorokin was a liar and a con artist.

Inventing Anna led right to a torrent of online abuse, negative in-person interactions, and pejorative characterizations in podcasts for Williams, in accordance with her suit. In the wake of the hit series, a large number of hateful messages were lobbed Williams way, a few of which called her a Karen, a gold digging mooch, a cry baby, and a GREEDY CLOWN.

As proof the companys alleged intentions to defame her, Williams pointed to a March interview with show creator Shonda Rhimes, who isnt named as a defendant in the suit. We wished to know very well what we were creating; we didnt desire to be making things up simply for the sake of it, Rhimes explained, in what Williams named an admission.

We wished to intentionally be fictionalizing moments versus accidentally fictionalizing them, Rhimes added. (The reveal was open in flaunting its departure from the reality, with every bout of Inventing Anna you start with the disclaimer: This story is totally true. Aside from the parts which are totally composed.)

Williams attorney, Alexander Rufus-Isaacs, argued that the problem in the centre of Netflixs alleged defamation was the decision to utilize his clients real name and biographical details, something afforded to few other characters in the show. The devastating harm to her reputation might have been avoided only if Netflix had used a fictitious name and various details, Rufus-Isaacs said, based on the Reporter. Why didnt they do that for her, if they did for so a great many other characters in the Series? Possibly the reason was that she had chosen to play for another team, i.e., HBO.

After her 2018 essay, Williams signed a deal to create a book entitled MY PAL Anna: THE REAL Story of a Fake Heiress. She sold the rights to both her article and the book to HBO, walking away with around $340,000 before taxes, in accordance with Deadline. After Inventing Anna aired, HBO backed from developing the project.

Williams alleges in her suit that Netflix tried to get the rights to her story, but were beaten to the punch by HBO. Her complaint floats the theory that Netflix was exacting revenge because of this through the use of her real name within their series.

On Monday evening, Sorokin posted to her Instagram story that she’d gladly make herself open to testify concerning the truthfulness of Williams depiction. You understand how to locate me, wrote the fake heiress, who remains in federal custody while awaiting deportation to Germany.

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