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iPhone 14 launch on the right track for mid-September

Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 series in mid-September throughout a media event which will be announced weeks from now. The iPhone 14 launch window seems certain given that Apple has released its earnings report for the June quarter. Thats because Apple didn’t warn investors and buyers that the standard launch schedule for another iPhone will dsicover any pandemic-related delays.

Apples launch schedule and the pandemic

To comprehend why the iPhone 14 seems so certain, you need to remember the way the pandemic impacted Apples iPhone launch schedule previously year or two.

Before COVID-19, we took mid-September iPhone launch events for granted. Apple will announce the most recent iPhones in the next week of September. The majority of the new devices will be designed for preorder the initial Friday following the keynote. The iPhone would then ship to buyers and launch to get the next Friday.

Close-up of Apple's rumored pill-and-hole notch replacement for the iPhone 14 Pro.
Close-up of Apples rumored pill-and-hole notch alternative to the iPhone 14 Pro. Image source: Front Page Tech

The pandemic brought lockdown measures that impacted the supply chain and logistics. It didnt spare Apples well-oiled operations machine. Thats why Apple announced through the June 2020 earnings quarter that the brand new iPhone will be delayed. The announcement dropped in July 2020, about 2 yrs ago.

Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in mid-October 2020. Two devices shipped immediately after the launch event, and two needed a couple weeks longer to attain consumers.

When Apple didn’t warn investors and consumers about an iPhone 13 launch delay last July, it had been clear that the brand new phones would drop in the center of September 2021. Regardless of the continued strain, Apple held its launch keynote promptly, and all iPhone 13 models shipped to buyers by the finish of last September.

When will the iPhone 14 launch happen?

When presenting its financial performance for the June 2022 quarter, Apple didn’t provide any earnings guidance for the September quarter. Thats consistent with other earnings reports through the pandemic. But, like in 2021, Apple didn’t mention an iPhone launch delay.

We saw a lot of reports about lockdowns in China this spring. The united states continues to roll out such restrictions to fight the brand new waves of infection.

These lockdowns impacted the production of parts and goods, like the iPhone 14 supply chain. Weve seen worries about iPhone 14 release date delays since that time. The brand new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus/Max appears to be the only real iPhone 14 flavor to risk shipping delays.

But even though a number of iPhones cant make the expected late September release date, we still expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 14 promptly. Thats because Apple made no reference to a delay. The business could have likely said something if launch delays were up for grabs.

The most recent iPhones only sell for approximately a month or more during Apples September quarter. But thats enough to include billions to Apples important thing for that three-month period. Thats why Apple would surely warn investors and buyers about any delays.

Knowing that, wed expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 14 series on September 13th. Preorders should take up a couple of days after launch, on September 16th. The iPhone 14 phones will release on September 23rd.

Some shipping delays remain possible

Thats not saying Apple isnt fighting with iPhone 14 production issues. Weve learned of such problems recently. A well-known insider detailed production issues concerning OLED panels, RAM, and cameras. But Apple has had the opportunity to shift manufacturing orders to other suppliers to create up for the missing quotas.

Moreover, rumors continue steadily to say the iPhone 14 Plus might see delays. We wouldnt be surprised or even all iPhone 14 units were open to ship on release date. Weve witnessed similar delays prior to the pandemic. The iPhone X and iPhone XR shipped weeks later than their counterparts in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Exactly the same could always happen with some iPhone 14 variants, but thats just speculation at this stage.

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