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iPhone 14 Pro always-on display seemingly confirmed by iOS 16 beta

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will support always-on display functionality. At the very least, thats what rumors say. And the latest iOS 16 beta release indicates a fresh behavior for wallpapers that back up reports of always-on display functionality for the iPhone 14 Pro models.

This nifty feature has been designed for years on Android devices. And Apple added always-on display functionality to the Apple Watch when it introduced screens with variable refresh rates. A similar thing may happen with iPhone 14 Pro displays, that ought to feature ProMotion screens like their predecessors. However the refresh rate should drop to 1Hz on the 2022 iPhones, in comparison to 10Hz for the iPhone 13 Pro models.

At 1Hz, Apple can implement always-on display features without too large a sacrifice to battery life.

How always-on displays will continue to work on the iPhone 14 Pro

Rumors that preceded WWDC 2022 said that Apple was focusing on enabling always-on displays on the iPhone 14 Pro. Its definitely not a must-have feature for several iPhone users. Nonetheless it are a good idea, since it provides quick information instantly.

Apple then unveiled iOS 16 at WWDC with support for Lock Screen widgets, an essential software feature to possess in anticipation of always-on displays. So when soon as iOS 16 beta 1 arrived, the brand new os’s code revealed built-in support for the always-on display functionality.

We then learned from the different leak that the always-on display on the iPhone 14 will show Lock Screen widgets similar to the Apple Watch. Portions of the screen will remain on at low brightness during always-on mode. Moreover, Apple will implement privacy protections in order that widgets usually do not show sensitive data that anyone can easily see.

Apples ProMotion screen tech is paramount to such functionality because always-on display features consume energy. The iPhone 14 Pro phones will reportedly support refresh rates between 1Hz and 120Hz. The iPhone 13 Pros ProMotion refresh rate ranges from 10Hz to 120Hz.

Various leaked iPhone 14 specs aren’t official, however. However the screen rumors seem sensible. Apple would like to provide always-on functionality without hindering battery life.

iOS 16 beta 4 reveals new wallpaper behavior

Apple released iOS 16 beta 4 this week, and 9to5Mac discovered new functionality in the code that backs up the always-on display rumors for iPhone 14 Pro models.

The machine wallpapers are prepared for the functionality since they now include a Sleep state. In this mode, the wallpaper gets darker plus some elements fade. The behavior is comparable to what goes on with the Apple Watchs always-on display.

iPhone 14 Pro render: Apple's new display design.
iPhone 14 Pro render: Apples new display design. Image source: Front Page Tech

Your blog could replicate the Sleep mode for system wallpapers. This further supports the theory that Apple gets nearer to launching always-on display support.

Each one of these leaks also explain why other iPhone models wont support the brand new feature. Most iPhones have OLED panels with a static 60Hz refresh rate. iPhone 13 Pro models have ProMotion screens that go and then 10Hz. If rumors are correct, Apple only wants the feature on devices that may lower the refresh rate to 1Hz.

Additionally, always-on displays might become another feature for the more costly new iPhones this season.

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