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iPhone 14 Pro always-on display showcased in new video also it looks gorgeous

Rumors that years iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max should come having an always-on display have circled for quite a while. Weve seen similar displays on Android phones, but this is the very first time Apple has embraced the brand new tech. While Apple hasnt confirmed the iPhone 14 rumors, a fresh video on social media marketing shows the iPhone 14s always-on display at length.

New video showcases iPhone 14s always-on display

Here’s the way the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display will continue to work

Instead of being completely black with just the date/time like on Android, your wallpaper will fade out but still be visible.

(via @9to5mac)

AppleTrack (@appltrack) July 29, 2022

The brand new video hit Twitter because of user @appltrack. An individual credited the initial video to 9to5Mac. In line with the video, the iPhone 14s always-on display will change from the variations weve seen on Android devices. Rather than blacking out the complete screen and only showcasing the phones clock, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may also show a dimmed version of the wallpaper.

The display will dim drastically, but any widgets and lock screen entities youve setup may actually show still even though dimmed. 9to5Mac also found evidence supporting system wallpapers utilizing always-on display in iOS 16s code. The iPhone 14 lineup will launch with the brand new iOS version later this season.

Eagle-eyed folks spotted the new wallpaper sleep function in the most recent iOS 16 beta. Predicated on code observed in Beta 4, the machine wallpapers now provide a Sleep functionality. That function is apparently linked with the iPhone 14s always-on display mode. Regardless of the code being in iOS 16, it wont be accessible on every iPhone device.

Only on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro render: Apple's new display design.
iPhone 14 Pro render: Apples new display design. Image source: Front Page Tech

The technique of always-on display is quite much like how Apple already does things on the Apple Watch. Among the big points of contention around an always-on display offers one which doesnt drain your battery unnecessarily. This is apparently among Apples biggest concerns, too, and predicated on everything were seeing, it could have found a method to do this.

Getting the iPhone 14s always-on display dim and showing the complete wallpaper may not seem efficient for the battery. However, in addition, it appears that the devices display may provide a refresh rate only 1Hz. Consequently, Apple can offer an always-on display that doesnt need a lot of capacity to keep it running well.

That could permit the tech giant to provide a distinctive always-on display system that doesnt drain your battery. Needless to say, that could also explain why we arent expecting the always-on display to be accessible on anything apart from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Those devices will offer you higher-end displays that may reach that low of a refresh rate.

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