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iPhone 15 Pro tipped to obtain some major upgrades and a fresh Ultra name

The iPhone 14 Pro Max being held in a hand

The iPhone 14 Pro Max(Image credit: Future)

With the iPhone 14 launch now safely navigated, another flagship phone from Apple would be the iPhone 15 in 2023 and something well-placed source has predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro Max model will get some good major upgrades to help expand distinguish it from the typical iPhone 15.

This originates from the usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (opens in new tab), who says that “Apple will generate more differentiation between iPhone 15 Pros and iPhone 15 standard models” to be able to boost orders for the more costly couple of handsets

Also, Kuo adds, there’s likely to be considered a bigger gap between your iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max when it comes to specs and features than there’s between your iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This greater segmentation should result in increased sales and higher profits, Kuo predicts.

The Ultra iPhone

Up to now, we have no idea what these differences will be. This won’t come as a whole surprise: there have previously been rumors that the iPhone 15 series will observe the lead of the iPhone 14 handsets giving the Pro models completely new chipsets, as the standard models get fitted having an older processor.

That is the case this season: the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are powered by the brand new A16 Bionic CPU, as the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus stick to a tweaked version of the A15 Bionic CPU that has been used in all of the iPhone 13 handsets.

We would also visit a new name next year: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (opens in new tab), who includes a good background with Apple predictions, says that the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be called the iPhone 15 Ultra, to help expand differentiate it from all of those other line.

Analysis: Apple always really wants to sell more iPhones

We’ve come quite a distance from the times when Apple would launch an individual iPhone each year: now, we’re used to getting multiple models, in multiple configurations, as the older models stick to sale as less expensive options. Additionally, there is the iPhone SE aswell, which was once more updated in 2022.

More choice means more folks upgrading their iPhones or switching over from Android, sufficient reason for that at heart it seems sensible that Apple would like to differentiate between its devices a lot more in the years ahead.

What we’ve seen this season, with the Pro models obtaining a better processor and the Dynamic Island, may be the start of something new.

You will not hear many complaints from people that there is a greater selection of iPhones available across multiple price points, nonetheless it does make picking the proper handset more difficult. Processor speed, screen size, color options, battery life and much more all must be considered.

Apple is utilizing the same strategy because of its smartwatches now aswell, not to mention has been releasing multiple iPad models for quite some time now. We’ll do our far better explain everything at length for you personally, and we are able to be prepared to see plenty more leaks and rumors round the iPhone 15 in the months ahead.

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