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August 15th, 2022

Off-road forum thrives in social media marketing dominated virtual landscape

In only over 2 yrs, in a virtual landscape dominated by social media marketing platforms, the off-roadwebsiteIrate4x4.comhas turned into a force in the off-road industry when using a seeminglyoutdated bulletin board format. With nearly 2 million page views monthly, over 5,100 activemembers, and nearly 20,000 posts stocked with off-road knowledge and information, is quickly becoming the web hub for everything 4×4 and off-road related.

In accordance with member Kurt Schneider, Unlike social media marketing platforms such as for example Instagram orFacebook, Irate4x4s bulletin board format will not use algorithms that know what contentyou see. The user-base of the web site controls the conversation. It’s not only better to search forinformation, additionally it is simpler to follow a conversation over an extended time frame, just like the build ofan Ultra4 car for instance. You aren’t limited on what many pictures it is possible to post or how manywords that you could type, so there’s a lot more information presented. The bulletin board formatis just exceedingly more ideal for our community.

As well as the forums of, the web site also contains a parts counter which offersdiscounts to members, a designated section for off-road podcasts includingWheeling, Wine and Whiskey and Snail Trail 4×4, an evergrowing set of off-road vendors whohave partnered with the web site, designated areas for 4×4 clubs and race-teams, and in keepingwith the traditions of the off-road forums of old: a separate mission to land use to help keep ourpublic lands available to the public. A recently available partnership with the California Four Wheel DriveAssociation increased membership for the reason that organization with over 100 new members.

Member Pitbullcruiser, owner and driver of Ultra4 car #4653 states, I’ve built my race car out of mygarage, by myself budget, since first racing KOH in 2020. The discounted parts through theIrate racer program has enabled me to expand my race schedule to add regional races inaddition to KOH. Irate offers a platform to talk about racer knowledge and study from others, aninvaluable resource to the grassroots racer.

As Irate4x4.coms community is growing, so does the complete website, with new features,vendors, and events being constantly added. is a lot more than just an online forum, it isa category of 4×4 enthusiasts.

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