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Ireland Baldwin debuts new buzzcut: Do stuff that scare you

August 21, 2022 | 4: 27pm

Guess youd call a Bald win?

Ireland Baldwin posted a number of selfies revealing her new, platinum blond buzzcut via Instagram on Sunday.

Dont tell me I wont take action because I’ll, the model, 26, declared in the caption, adding buzzed by @hairmettle and crediting hairstylist Hannah Bonettifor the edgy do.

Baldwin also shared a snapshot to her IG Story, superimposing the pic with a note about her newly invigorated lifestyle and beauty.

Do stuff that scare you. Do stuff that youll never do, began the statement.

My hair was destroyed by years of bleach and modeling and bullst since i have was 17, she added of her experiences as a model, a lifetime career that began after she signed with IMG in 2013.

Baldwin, who towers at 6-foot, 2-inches, tall, had previously kept her naturally blonde wavy locks at least shoulder-length, though often much longer, throughout her adult life.
Baldwin, who towers at 6-foot, 2-inches, previously kept her blond wavy locks at the very least shoulder-length, though often a lot longer, throughout her adult life.

Its long overdue for a restart/refresh, Baldwin added.

Ive always wanted to get this done but I was always scared. Given that I dont value how many other people think, Personally i think more beautiful than ever before.


The model also posted some selfies to her Instagram Story showing off the edgy new ‘do.



The model also posted some selfies to her Instagram Story showing off the edgy new ‘do.


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Obviously, Baldwins friends, fans and family alike were all amazed by her bold and buzzy switch-up.

Words apparently escaped Paris Hilton, but who needs em whenever a simple can suffice being an expression of any heart-eye-felt reaction.

Dreamy, lauded actress Hilary Duff, with Bishop Briggs adding, STUNNING.

Tess Holliday also chimed in, writing Loooooove, while beauty queen Nadia Mejia gushed, Insane!!!!.

Finally, Baldwins mother, Kim Basinger, didnt avoid the opportunity to remind everyone that was still her baby.

Dont tell her never to take action. because she’ll, she wrote. im a witness compared to that and also have been for several years Simply beautiful.

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